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Thinking as I sit here how blessed I am
by ablessedlady at 7/31/2008 1:07:25 AM

It's near 4am,another of many sleepless nights.I am taking time to appreciate the quiet.Only the sound of a train now and then,which to me is soothing.I am soaking this time in as when day comes there will be cars and loud trucks.Children riding Big Wheels and some running and yelling as children do.When te neighbors next door eave,ther dogswill bark off and on all day.So this timeis a true blessing and accept it gratefully.So many times I have gotten upset about something,when I should have seen the blessings I have.The air isn't working in the van,but I am blessed.I have a van.There's no bottled water in fridg.I have to drive 3 minutes to get some.That happened the other day and I had an Epiphany.I have water from the tap,some people have none in the home.I have to drive up to get it,some people walks 5 miles and carry heavy water pail home.I have money and can buy bottled water,there are people who would be thrilled to have running tap water,clear,non-diseased.Some people drink all they can get infested brown water from rivers or creeks.I am thinking of many situations where instead of being thankful for what I had,I got angry or upset.I hope I can each moment of the day realize and be thankful for even the tiniest blessing for me.I feel good inside and think I can sleep now.Yes,I am smiling in my soul and on my lips. Goodnight and may you notice the blessings given you.Wishing peace to all. ablessedlady