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True friendship or just a word we use
by ablessedlady at 8/21/2008 2:11:57 AM

It is common to hear "my friend",when any of us are talking about something they were told,or who they were with.It seems that true freiendship,or a real friend is not often who or what we are speaking of "my friend".Chances are it is an aquiantance you speak off.Now that is not a negative word.Having an aquiantance can be a good thing.It is a word I use to refer to a person who I know,have talked to more than once,maybe 1100 times.They may take me to lunch.I may sit with them at a concert,or talk on the phone from time to time.An aquiantance is a good thing to have.I have many.Those people probably refer to me as a friend,since most people use the term,in my opinoin to often.To me freind is a person who at 1 time was an aquiantance.Maybe a co-worker,neighbor,or someone involved in a group I attend also.We got to talking more often,maybe seeing one another more often.Then at some point days or even years later they are a friend.A person who I hold as precious as gold.Someone who would drop the kids at a sitters if need be to help me at the last minute.Aperson I would give up a night's sleep to be with if he/she needed me.That person would share with me confidences an aquiatance may not.That is because a real friend doesn't judge another friend.Now we do tell one another if we see them making a disatrous mistake,or feel different then they do about a subject close to one or both of us.We almost instinctivley agree to disagree.This is my friend and I am not going to give them up over a disagreement.We listen to the other,help if possible when other is in need,even if it puts something in our life on hold.To me ,friendship should be cherished,not taken for granted.I have lost 3 friends to cancer,much too early in their life.Real friends,and they are all still with me at times,a song,a holiday,a circumstance.I have few "friends now.Actually at the moment,3 people,2 who live quite a distance from me.are born into a family or marry in and are not given a choice to who they will be related.A friend does.Many believe"blood is thicker than water.""Blood comes 1st".I agree at times.However I say,blood may be thicker than water but water is also nessacary to sustain life.JMO.


8/27/2008 3:28:55 PM

A true friend is someone who will listen to things you speak of, that no one else would (grin). Nice post, BB