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Mistakes in Online Dating

The world of online dating has given busy men and women the...
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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Men and Women Make on Online Dating Sites

The world of online dating has given busy men and women the opportunity to find a possible suitable date in less time than the traditional way. With todayís chaotic lifestyles, itís good to be efficient, and online dating cuts out the middleman. When choosing a potential date, avoid making the following mistakes to be successful on an online dating site.

Do not make yourself out to be someone you are not. If she likes racing and you do not, do not pretend that you do. Be open and honest about likes and dislikes. If the emails and phone conversations go well and you decide to meet, it would be very uncomfortable for both of you if you discover that one or of you was not honest. Misrepresentation is probably the biggest mistake that men and women make on online dating sites.

Posting an outdated photo or a photo of someone else
Although looks are not everything, there has to be some initial attraction there. Everyone has the right to see who they are talking to. You donít have to be a ravishing beauty, but looking neat and presentable is appreciated. When you find someone you want to meet, if the picture that he or she has of you is different, that can be construed as deceit. Choose a picture that shows the real you, the way youíll look when you meet for your first date.

Being cocky, conceited, or just downright rude
Go easy. Nobody wants someone who is not at least a little bit confident, but donít go over the top when it comes to writing up a profile. It is difficult enough to find just that right person in real life, but on an online dating site, first impressions do count.

Getting too far away from your general vicinity
Although many long distance relationships can be successful, they are difficult. It is best to stay within a geographical area not too far from your own. Try to stay within a range that makes it convenient to see a person at least once a week.

Giving out too much personal information
One of the potentially most harmful mistakes that men and women make on online dating sites is giving away too much personal information. Play it safe until actually meeting the person and having gone out for a while. Just because you have exchanged a few friendly emails, it does not mean that you should give all the intimate details of your life. Take your time and have fun.