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Little Known Secrets to Have Sex for Hours

There are many secrets out there that many men would love to know when it comes to the art of making love and having great sex. Some of the secrets you are about to learn range from different techniques that can help increase your stamina and others that are natural aphrodisiacs that can turn any lovemaking session into a night of erotic and passionate fun that will last for hours. Learning how to increase your knowledge of sexuality can add a whole new dimension to any relationship and can help put the spice back into a marriage that has lost much of its passion and in some cases can save a relationship that is going stale due to this lack of passion and romance. The first thing we will discuss is getting a little insight into an ancient practice called Tantra, which comes form ancient texts from India called the Kama Sutra. Learning the art of Tantric sex can completely change your sexual life and can also help to create a strong and loving emotional bond like never before.

Some Tips for Longer Lovemaking Sessions

Kama Sutra and Tantra
The Kama Sutra was written by an Indian philosopher named Mallanaga Vatsyayana and the Kama Sutra was based off of even older texts called the Kama Shastra, but since these Sanskrit texts were hard to access for most people of the times, Vatsyayana decided to write the Kama Sutra to summarize the previous texts. Tantric sex, as taught in the Kama Sutra, involves many different techniques that range from foreplay to many different muscle contraction and breathing exercises.

One thing to remember when you are trying to master the art of making love for hours through Tantra is to take your time and turn your whole night's experience into a complete exploration of every part of your lover's body. The other wonderful thing about Tantric lovemaking is that it can be a learning experience that can last for years, and your love life will never get old. One of the most important factors taught in Tantric literature is to focus more on love than just pure sex; this will help to enhance the mental and emotional bond between partners. The practitioners of Tantra in ancient India believed strongly in meditation and this was a very spiritual practice for them, in modern times this can be the same as just focusing fully on your partner.

Sensual Massage
Starting out with a sensual massage, as stated before is important, and many men underestimate foreplay and do not spend nearly enough time on it. It is very important to just relax together while gently kissing and nibbling each other while gently caressing. This will help to start the experience off in a very erotic way.

Muscle Control
When men have a problem with pre-mature ejaculation this can cause tension and frustration. Men can learn to prevent this by practicing their muscle control. A simple exercise to work on controlling these muscles is one you can do daily when you are using the restroom to urinate. When urinating you can practice using these muscles by starting and stopping your urine flow during urination. These are the same muscles that contribute to your ejaculation so gaining control of these muscles alone can teach you how to sustain your lovemaking experience.

Breath Control
Another key is learning to do different breathing exercises during love making, try breathing together with your partner in unison while just staring into each others eyes. Make this exercise of breathing help the two of you become one with your movements and try to keep the tempo in time with your unified breath control. While controlling the muscles you can also slow down and use slow deep breathing techniques to take that energy and focus on letting it flow through your whole body, this is a form of meditation and will also take some practice to master.

Eye Contact
Maintaining eye contact with your partner will help make this experience an emotional one and will help take the focus off of the sexual aspect and will help you both relax. If things get overly passionate this is where practicing your muscle control can come in. Do just as you practiced while urinating and use the muscle control techniques to hold your orgasm.

Energy Focus
A good way to focus this internal energy is to visualize a ball of blue energy in your mind and when orgasm approaches use the muscle control techniques to slow this feeling down, at the same time you need to focus on moving that ball of blue energy away from your genital area and in your mind move that energy along your energy points to spread throughout the whole body.

Pressure Points
Another trick for when you are approaching orgasm is a pressure point that lies between a males scrotum and anus, so during lovemaking if your orgasm is coming too quick you need to slow down and use your finger to gently apply pressure to that area. This will help manually slow the muscles down and will help you last longer.

Learning About Some of the Natural Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs help to increase sexual desire in men and women and the word comes from the ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite, who was the Goddess of sensuality, love, and beauty. There are many different aphrodisiacs available today but we are mainly going to delve into some of the natural aphrodisiacs including some different foods and herbs that contain chemicals that will enhance your sex life and your sexual stamina.

Spanish Fly
One of the oldest and most well known aphrodisiacs is one that is called Spanish fly. The chances of you never having heard of Spanish fly are quite slim, but many do not know what it is made of and how far back in history it goes. Spanish fly can be traced back in history to approximately 58 B.C. where it has been recorded as being used by the Romans. The active ingredient in Spanish fly is called cantharidin, and this comes from a specific beetle found widely throughout Southern Europe. There is a very small amount of this substance in Spanish fly and too much could be lethal. Spanish fly is something you would preferably want to avoid and some much safer herbal alternatives will follow this, but given that Spanish fly is so well known I felt the need that it had to be mentioned.

Shellfish and Seafood
There are many different natural aphrodisiacs that are safe and quite effective, some of these include foods that are thought to have sexual powers by helping to increase the blood flow to the genitals and release sexual hormones. A couple foods that act as natural aphrodisiacs are seafoods such as shrimp and oysters, which help create energy which in turn, when aroused becomes sexual energy.

Ginger is a root that is thought to help stimulate the blood flow to the genitals in both males and females. The nice thing about ginger is it can be used as a spice to many different meals or you can boil ginger root and make a tea. There are many other ways to consume ginger and in many Eastern societies there is even candy made out of ginger.

In many cultures chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac, and this is one of the reasons chocolate is associated with Valentine's Day and romance. Chocolate contains a chemical called phenylethylamine, this is considered by many as the love drug and it is said to create the same feeling in your brain as falling in love would. Chocolate also contains caffeine and is enjoyed by both men and women, so caffeine gives an energy boost and chocolate can also be used for fun and games in the bedroom for some tasty foreplay.

Another food that is a natural aphrodisiac is both green and black olives. The green olives are said to be effective for men and black olives for women, helping to boost the sex drive.

Lycopene is another natural chemical which is thought to increase sexual arousal. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, or as sometimes referred to "The Love Apple".

There are some other herbal supplements that will also help to increase your sexual desire and energy, but as with anything you want to learn more about them before using them. One of these is called Yohimbe, which comes from the bark of tree that grows in western parts of Africa. Yohimbe has been used for years to help men achieve harder and longer erections, but it is also effective in increasing sexual arousal in women.

Another root that will help boost your sexual energy and sexual stamina is ginseng. Ginseng is a natural energy enhancer and it helps increase blood flow, with enhanced blood flow to the genitals comes longer and better sexual satisfaction.

Hopefully some of these tips will help enhance your sex life and you can be on your way to long nights of passionate lovemaking with your partner. Of course the best way is naturally by learning the art of lovemaking and practicing some of the Tantric tips discussed earlier. Experimentation is always an advantage in a healthy sexual relationship and being completely comfortable with your sexual partner is essential. There are many positions that will enhance arousal for both parties and will touch on different erogenous zones, so having fun with new positions will keep things exciting.