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Romantic Date Ideas That Will Make Her Swoon

It’s not really that difficult to come up with a really romantic date idea - you just need a little imagination. Think about who she is and what might make her happy. If there is something that she has never done before, plan that as a date. If there is something she really liked about your first date, plan something similar. Think outside the box when planning a romantic date.

Flowers Never Fail
When first meeting her, bring flowers. Love and romance go hand and hand, and nothing says romance like flowers. We all know that flowers die, but who cares? Women love them, and spending a little extra money to make her feel special is worth it. A romantic man brings flowers, and every woman wants a little romance.

A Good Morning Picnic
Pick her up early and take her to a beautiful park. Choose a spot that will allow a view of the sunrise and lay down a blanket on the grass. A breakfast picnic packed with special goodies will be a big hit and make her heart thump. Enjoy your breakfast together while watching the sunrise and treasure the look in her eyes as she enjoys the sheer beauty of it..

Sunsets and Stargazing
Take her on a date to the beach. Sit on the beach and watch the sunset. This is peaceful as well as romantic. Stay long enough to see the stars. Point out the stars as they start to appear, and have her make a wish on the first star she sees. Take along a blanket to sit or lie down on so you can be comfortable. A bottle of champagne or another beverage that she enjoys would be a nice touch.

Cook Her Dinner
Cook dinner for her and invite her over to enjoy a relaxing evening. Plan the meal to include her favorite foods. Place candles around the room and on the table. Eat by candlelight and enjoy the rest of the evening talking and reminiscing. Make her the center of attention for the night. Cater to her needs and make her feel all warm inside. Have some strawberries and whipped topping for dessert in front of the fireplace or just sitting on the couch.

Plan a Boat or Kayak Adventure
Plan a day on a river with a boat or a kayak. You do not need rapids to be exciting and romantic. Let the kayak take you down the river as you sit together and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Listen to the sounds of the wildlife and ponder what it would be like to spend a night on the riverbanks. Talk about adventure and things the two of you might enjoy doing together.

Romantic Getaway
Plan a weekend getaway to a hotel with romantic suites or even a hotel with a unique attraction like a water park. The suites could have a hot tub and a fireplace. Many hotels have suites that are very romantic, and they set up champagne and desserts to enjoy while you are relaxing in the hot tub. Plan a romantic dinner served in the suite on the balcony. Find a hotel that offers all of this and a view of a lake or beautiful city lights.

Take a Walk or Go Hiking
Find an area that has a beautiful view and take her for a romantic walk. Hiking in out-of-the-way places is great way to spend some quality time together. The sounds of the forest have a settling effect on a woman's inner self. Make her feel all warm inside as you walk together and enjoy nature.

A Romantic Scavenger Hunt
Send her a bouquet of flowers with a note leading her to her next destination. At that destination, have a little trinket with a note leading her somewhere else. Do this until it leads to a secluded area where the two of you will be alone for a picnic and some quiet conversation. Excitement is something that intrigues a woman and peaks her attention. Make the notes romantic and have a basket of tasty delights waiting for her.