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Becoming an Internet-Ordained Minister

An ordained minister has the power to perform all religious services like marriage, baptism, funerals, and more. Nowadays, a person can be ordained as a minister via the Internet. An Internet ordained minister has the full powers of a traditionally ordained minister. For instance, the Internet ordained minister can perform weddings legally, and sign the marriage license.

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Nowadays, the demand for Internet ordained ministers is growing. For couples who are planning to get married, the idea of engaging an Internet ordained minister makes good sense. In light of the current economic crisis, the choice is comparatively cheaper than a traditional wedding ceremony. Modern couples may feel that it’s more convenient to look for the services of an Internet ordained minister who can conduct the ceremony quite quickly. Another factor is the considerable increase in the number of liberal church communities in the United States. Additionally, some couples like the idea of a close friend or familiy member marrying them, rather than a religious officient they may be unfamiliary with.

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Once a person is ordained as a minister, he or she can perform various religious ceremonies. Ordination opens many opportunities for the minister. Other than performing religious ceremonies, the minister can also start a church or a ministry because the ordination is recognized by the World Legalized Ministries. To serve the increasing number of Christians who spend a lot of time on the Internet, it’s logical to reach out to them on this platform. With video conferencing capabilities, it’s perfectly possible to hold sermons or other services on the Internet.

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There are a number of organizations which provide online ordination instantly like the Universal Life Church (ULC) which was founded by Kirby James Hensley in 1959. Another organization is the National Institute of Theology which offers a ten-lesson online course for men and women who desire to become ordained ministers. To find out more about the ordination procedure, you can go to the organization’s website and click on the ordination link. At the Universal Life Church, Internet ordination is provided for all religions. Whether you are looking to become ordained as a rabbi, Taoist priest, Muslim imam or a Hindu priest, you can do it at the Universal Life Church. Just fill in to ordination form and you are on your way. The site will provide a printable credential or you can request it to be mailed to you. Some of the celebrities who have become Internet ordained ministers include Kevin Smith, Tori Spelling, Mark Consuelos, David Byrne, and Kathy Griffin.

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Internet ordained ministers can deliver sermons. They also become teachers or counselors. Internet ordination is legal in most cases so Internet ordained ministers have the same powers as traditional ministers, rabbis, and priests to perform all forms of religious services. In the United States, a minister with a good and reputable position in the church has the power to solemnize a marriage. State laws affirm that any ordained minister can perform wedding ceremonies, including an Internet ordained minister.

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Right now, it’s legal for Internet ordained ministers to officiate weddings in all 50 states with the exception of some counties in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and more. In a county in Tennessee, an Internet ordained minister with a license from ULC was not allowed to perform marriage ceremonies. According to the authorities, just filling a form does not entitle a person to become an ordained minister. A Christian minister needs to have a thorough knowledge about Christianity and be well aware of the responsibilities of the position. In Arkansas, Louisiana, among other states, the Internet ordained minister has to register with the county, and only then, is the person legally authorized to perform the services.

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The main reason why Internet ordination is so popular is the ease and speed of the procedure. In some organizations, the ordination process is as simple as filling out a form, which may only take a few minutes. A person is then authorized to perform marriages, baptisms, funerals, and other religious ceremonies. For people who are thinking of becoming a minister in their faith, Internet ordination is obviously the easiest and most convenient path.

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