Dating Dangers: Sociopaths

Sociopaths are undetectable predators that derive pleasure from hurting others. One of the hidden dangers involve intimate relationships with an unseen abuser. Despite the cleverness, enigmatic, and charming nature of these individuals, there are warning signs and methods of identifying behaviors before a situation boils out of control. Victims trapped in abusive relationships should seek help in order to safely leave the sociopath and restore peace back into their lives. Remaining in abusive relationship could literally destroy the victim's psyche and physical help. Take a proactive approach using a pre-planned exit strategy to move on to healthier intimate relationships.

What is Sociopathy?

Sociopathy, a loosely-defined term referring to anti-personality disorder, psychopathy, and dissocial personality disorder, may reveal its ugly face in several distinct ways. For instance, Theodore Millon, an American psychologist who specialized in personality disorders, identified five different subtypes of antisocial disorder, including covetous, reputation-defending, risk-taking, nomadic, and malevolent manifestations. Covetous antisocial individuals feel that life has not given them their due. Reputation-defending antisocial behavior includes varying degrees of narcissism. Risk-taking antisocial behavior includes histrionic symptoms, or excessive attention-seeking behaviors. Nomadic antisocial individuals will display schizoid, avoidant symptoms. The most common and feared antisocial behavior includes malevolent tendencies that may include sadistic and paranoid behavior.

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What is a Sociopath?

A sociopath displays signs of antisocial personality disorder. Sociopaths lack a conscience, and may not feel guilt or remorse when committing reprehensible actions that society has deemed unacceptable. Sociopaths do not fear societal exclusion. In fact, most sociopaths hold a high-standing social position in their communities. Sociopaths understand societal functions, which will cause them to resort to social and manipulative tactics in order to acquire what they want. Sociopathic goals would typically make a morally-conscionable person uncomfortable.

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Relationship Sociopaths

Relationships involving at least one sociopathic partner have a tendency to turn abusive. Sociopathic partners display characteristics, such as extreme jealousy, emotional withdrawal, lack of intimacy, sexual coercion, verbal abuse, infidelity, threats, lies, broken promises, discord, mind games, and control struggles. Sociopaths will continue to remain abusive towards their partners with verbal and physical abuse escalating until the lives are endangered. Abusers will often have experienced the same trauma-based adaptations to childhood emotional, psychological, and physical abuse. Abusive relationships exist in all forms, including heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and transgendered relationships and should be taken seriously at all costs.

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Sociopathic Traits

Sociopaths display a glibness and superficial charm with manipulative tactics that may come across as covert and domineering. Sociopaths have a grandiose higher perspective of themselves with patterns of persistent pathological lying, lack of remorse, shallow emotions, lacks the ability to love or display affection, physical stimulation, callousness, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, promiscuity, parasitic lifestyle, criminal versatility that include an early history of criminal mischief. Sociopaths share contempt towards those who seek to understand them. They not perceive that anything is wrong with them or how they behave with others. They are authoritarian, secretive, paranoid, narcissistic, grandiose, unable to feel remorse, empathy, and megalomaniac.

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What to do if Your Loved One's a Sociopath?

Victims stuck in an abusive relationship should seek refuge to safely escape their sociopathic partners. Getting out of an abusive relationship can save the victims lives, including the children affected by the quarrels. Nobody deserves an abusive partner seeking to control and humiliate their victims. In order to accomplish a safe exist strategy, the victim must rely on trustworthy counterparts to make it successful. Contacting a close friend or family member for assistance and support is the first step to freeing yourself from an abusive partner. Second, getting out of the environment and calling the police to ensure no harm continues will help to cease the abuse. Lastly, get counseling to help curtail the longstanding emotional and physical scars left by the estranged sociopath.

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