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Furry Fandom

The term furry took form in the 1908’s; however anthropomorphic animal art or philosophy was prevalent in the 17th century through folk and fairy tales. Furry fandom is the world of fictional entertainment that portrays animals with human characteristics. Furry fans may be drawn to the beauty and intriguing attributes that animals can bring to the human being. Furry is the combination of the human mind intertwined with the physical form of animal. Furry fandom can range from an interest in fantasy science fiction literature, movies, erotic storylines or erotic role play. The following resources show the art, story lines, and sexuality within furry fandom.


  • Wildlife and Anthropomorphic Illustrations
  • Furry Artist
  • Furry Art
  • Old Rabbits Furry Stories & Illustrations
  • Skunk Manor


  • Alice Otter
  • Dela The Hooda
  • Shift Happens
  • Furry Fiction
  • All in a Warthog’s Day


  • Anthropomorphic Erotic Art
  • Furry Adult Fantasy Gallery
  • Kit n Kay Boodle
  • Leisure Town
  • Fur After Dark
  • Lolita Lapine Erotic Furry Games and Cartoons
  • Furry Courtesan
  • Fairy Tail
  • Furry to Furry
  • Furry Fandom
  • Intimate Exploration
  • Adult Fantasy Comics
  • Omaha the Cat Dancer
  • Adult Fantasy Furry Art
  • Mouse Erotic Artwork

Furry Fans 

  • Proud to be a Furry
  • Furry Fan Club
  • You’re a Furry Fan When…
  • The Furry Community
  • The Polar Den
  • Fur Affinity
  • The Furry Side
  • Furry Fanzine
  • Being Furry
  • The Bare Pawed Community


  • All About Fur Suits
  • Blue Furry Artwork
  • Hudson Fur
  • The World Largest Furry Convention
  • Furry Fandom History

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