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5/16/2013 4:28:25 PM Great tool for Self Directed IRA's  

Port Clinton, OH
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Can be a biz. opp also.
I was recently introduced to a company called Cool Trader.
We are currently a some what small group of investors, a little over 14,000 right now, who are making the Stock Market a saver, and friendlier place. After all, the stock market was suppose to help everyone !
With the help of a genius Microsoft programmer,Ed Barsano, ( responsible for WindowsXP), we are doing just that ! If you could just listen to Ed’s passion to stick it to the BIG Institutions in the trading world you would understand why he’s doing this. Ed is also very humble and loves to talk. I’ve met him personally. Our product is NOT new. It’s been available to the public for 7 years,and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau I hope you understand how hard it is to get that kind of rating ? And he’s not even accredited with them !!!
So what’s so special about our software ? Well it runs it’s self for one. It uses 100 servers and 3 IP address for another !
Cool Trader does not hold ANY of your money ! So, unlike things like AddWallet, if Cool Trader goes away tomorrow you money is right where you left it. In a Brokerage account.
Who are these brokers ? Only people like TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Trade King, and the worlds largest, Interactive Brokers. All of which contacted Cool Trader to be linked to their servers ! That’s right ! Our servers are tied into their servers. Can you understand, this is NOT a toy here we are talking about !
So what else ? Well , Because of our tie in, traders are executed much faster, then the time it takes for you to call your broker , or for your broker to call you, if he calls at all.
So let me tell you about the Stock market big Institutions : Since the 80’s, they’ been using computers to keep tabs on every trade that’s going on,,,, even the little guy.They are are ruthless! They were making sure you couldn’t win. And they were teaching the little guy how to lose. Think about it . If your opponent already knows what you are going to do, he then knows how to defeat you .
Well how does he know? I might not be doing what he taught me. ALL trades were public and could be seen on what they call a level 2 and level 3 screen. Their computers run this info and boom, they know what to do next .....
That was before CoolTrader came along ! It has built in Stealth mode !
Questions ?
Yes I own the software
No it doesn’t cost anything to sell the software. I’m saying no monthly membership kind of thing
No you don’t have to own the software to sell it either. I bought it Because it works !
Does it really work ? HECK YES !!!!! Not one complete to be found anywhere ! Now you know the internet. The only time anyone post’s anything is to complain about something , right ?
So here you go. Here’s a presentation for you
Here’s my website link :
Stop blindly putting money into retirement buckets , such as Mutual funds, or IRA’s, and the hands of someone who doesn’t care about you, cause he’s already getting his cut ! Take control of YOUR money !
And another great part is ; it works better if you DON”T know anything about trading . You won’t feel the need to fix what’s not broken.
So let’s talk !
Mike Bertram
419 732 3789

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5/17/2013 2:06:37 PM Great tool for Self Directed IRA's  
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