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Sunday Funday!!
by occalleighgrl09 at 7/19/2015 1:40:16 PM

What is there to do around Oklahoma City?!!

I need to get out of the house!


7/19/2015 1:49:06 PM

Fat chicks are like mopeds ....they're fun to ride until your friends see you on one.

7/19/2015 1:55:06 PM

Sonofa! Did you LOOK at her profile ,FU? She's a CUTIE! Get out there ,girl! Show that beauty! Some mens DO appreciate it!(Ok,MOSTLY dirty OLD mens like ME,but ,hey!)

7/19/2015 2:30:09 PM


7/19/2015 3:13:00 PM

Agreed Nobs

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7/19/2015 5:49:42 PM

Oklahoma City is a big place and there are fun activities in every part of the city. Starting in the city center, there is Bricktown with a couple major event centers with a myriad of events, AAA Minor League OKC Dodger games, Myriad Gardens and the Coca Cola Center. Further to the west of downtown is the Water Park with giant slides to wading pools. In the Northeast part of the city is Frontier City and the Oklahoma City Zoo. Take your pick they are all fun places to be on a Sunday afternoon. Grab a copy of the Daily Oklahoma and check out the Entertainment section. You are sure to find something to your liking no matter what your age group or interests may be.

7/20/2015 12:45:11 AM

every day is a fun day,

7/20/2015 4:03:14 PM

Just get out and discover.nothing to it!!!