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A Guide to Better Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a measure of how we perceive ourselves as well as how we think other people look at us. It is a true test of our own inner self-confidence, and helps us to relate to other people, function in normal relationships, and feel good about ourselves. People with a higher self-esteem tend to be more fulfilled, happier, and more well-rounded than those who may have a lower self-esteem. While there are countless suggestions from hundreds of sources as to how someone can achieve a better self-esteem, the true responsibility lies within.

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  • The Self-Esteem Test
  • Self Concept & Self-Esteem
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Self-Esteem Tips for a Good Marriage

Why is a High Self-Esteem so Important?

  • A high self-esteem is crucial to people's ability to function in society. Those with a higher self-esteem are able to better interact with the opposite gender and with people from other walks of life.
  • People with a positive self-image are less afraid to try new things and accomplish and reach new goals.
  • Children with higher self-esteems tend to do better in school and get better grades. They also join sports teams or participate in after-school clubs more than children with lower self-esteems.
  • A good self-esteem allows people to open up to new relationships, and ensures that serious relationships last longer and stay strong.
  • Those who have a high self-esteem tend to do better in business, their careers, and skills or talents they possess such as art or writing.
  • A higher level of self-esteem can help to prevent problems such as depression or insomnia.
  • Good, solid self-esteem in children helps to ensure they will become easily adaptable, well-rounded, and functional adults later on in life.

How Does High Self-Esteem Improve Every Facet of Life?

  • People with high self-esteem tend to be more physically fit and are more willing to do new things physically such as try new sports or join a gym.
  • High self-esteem helps to improve mood, sex life, and overall sense of well being.
  • In a crisis situation, those with higher self-esteem tend to stay calmer and are better able to handle things as they arise.
  • Self-acceptance and better self-esteem allows people to deal with changes in their life, whether it is a new job, new home, or death of a loved one.
  • Those with high self-esteem can also deal with failures or with things that don't go their way much better than people with a low self-esteem.
  • High self-esteem allows us to accept others the way they are, and to understand the differences between other people and ourselves.


How Does High Self-Esteem Enhance Relationships?

  • People with a high self-esteem often encourage their partners or friends to feel better about themselves. They offer kind words and helpful advice, thus improving their relationships.
  • Those who have a good solid self-esteem will be able to offer support to their partners in their time of need.
  • A good self-esteem is a true attractant; people with good self-image tend to find mates much easier than those with a lower self-esteem.
  • If one has a low self-esteem, they tend to blame their partner for their shortcomings, which results in arguments. People with good self-esteem are able to accept their own mistakes and faults.
  • Good communications skills and problem solving skills are assets of those with high self-esteem, which results in stable and long lasting relationships.
  • Strong self-esteem allows you to avoid those who will make you feel insecure or inadequate.

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