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East Europe

The Wowing World Wedding Traditions Guide

Weddings are significant events and a marriage ceremony is one of the oldest customs in history. Regardless of time or place, marriage ceremonies have signified the bond between two people and their commitment to each other. Wedding ceremonies are popular events which many people enjoy attending to congratulate the new couple. Marriage and wedding ceremonies vary by location, with many countries incorporating their own history and culture into each event.


  • Egyptian Marriage Summary: An explanation of marriage customs in Upper Egypt.
  • Moroccan Weddings: A description of wedding ceremonies and the institution of marriage in Morocco.
  • African Marriage: A discussion of this important ritual in various African countries.
  • African Wedding Traditions and Marriages: Wedding customs and practices of several different African countries.


  • Chinese Wedding Traditions: A summary of wedding customs practiced in China.
  • Things Japanese: The history and traditions of Japanese marriage.
  • A Russian Wedding: Information about traditional Russian marriages, from courtship to the ceremony.
  • Korean Wedding Traditions: The symbols and rituals involved in a traditional Korean wedding.

Middle Eastern

  • Wedding Ceremony: A guide to an Israeli wedding ceremony for Messianic Jews.
  • The Wedding: A description of a traditional wedding in Yemen.
  • Anatomy of a Pakistani Shadi: A descriptive account of the structure of a Pakistani wedding.
  • Iranian Marriage Ceremony: The history and symbolism of a wedding ceremony in Iran.


  • Estonia Popular Culture: Information about the marriage customs of Estonia.
  • Welcome to Latvia: A summary of various Latvian traditions, including wedding ceremonies.
  • Lithuanian Wedding Traditions: An exercise in studying the past traditions of weddings in Lithuanian society.


  • The Danish Wedding: Wedding traditions and customs that take place in Denmark, from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Old Marriage Customs in Finland: The traditional practices of weddings and marriages in Finland.
  • A Norwegian Folk Wedding: A look at the traditional customs of weddings from historical Norway.
  • Sweden: Traditions and Weddings: An explanation of the significance of the wedding season in Sweden, as well as examples of activities.

East European

  • Polish Wedding Traditions: The background of several popular traditions that take place during a Polish wedding ceremony.
  • Romanian Wedding Traditions: The interesting stories and folklore of traditional Romanian wedding ceremonies.
  • Bulgarian Wedding: The traditions and customs of a typical wedding in Bulgaria.
  • Some Traditional Hungarian Wedding Customs: A description of various customs that take place in weddings in Hungary, as well as their historical backgrounds. Wedding recipes are also included.

West European

  • Wedding Traditions: A look at the culture and wedding traditions in Great Britain.
  • French Wedding Traditions and Customs: An explanation of the various practices observed by the French during wedding ceremonies.
  • German Wedding Traditions: The unique customs and ceremonies that take place in Germany.
  • Irish Wedding Traditions: Information about particular customs and superstitions in Ireland surrounding weddings.

North American

  • Wedding Traditions and Lore: The background of several wedding practices and why people practice them in the United States.
  • Classic Canadian Weddings: The wedding customs of Canada, from the engagement period to the reception.
  • Manataka American Indian Council: Description of wedding traditions for several American Indian tribes.

South American

  • Brazilian Wedding Traditions: A description of the various aspects of a Brazilian wedding, with recipes included.
  • Marriage in Chile: An account of the culture of Chile and its views of weddings and marriage.


  • Caribbean Customs: A look at wedding customs in various Caribbean countries.
  • Jamaican Marriage Customs: A traditional wedding in Jamaica, its events and practices.
  • A Traditional Puerto Rican Wedding: An outline of the various practices that take place during a Puerto Rican wedding, and reasons behind these gestures.


  • Hawaiian Wedding Favors and Customs: A description of Hawaiian wedding practices, including food, music, flowers, and many other items.
  • My Barong: The historical traditions and customs of a Philippine wedding.
  • Samoan Weddings: Food and other significant events surrounding a typical Samoan wedding ceremony.


  • Wedding Customs: The background and traditions of a wedding in Australia.
  • The Weddings Guide: Incorporating wedding traditions into a typical wedding in New Zealand.

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