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8/29/2015 8:41:18 AM  

Pittsburgh, PA
62, joined Dec. 2013

Do you agree or disagree with the hiring of Michael Vick?

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8/29/2015 11:11:09 AM Pittsburgh, PA  

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Kane, PA
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Quote from janet5360:
Do you agree or disagree with the hiring of Michael Vick?

POS.. My opinion..

Put him in a ring of 10 pittbulls with a pork chop around his neck and let them decide his fate..

9/1/2015 3:30:54 AM Pittsburgh, PA  

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Springdale, PA
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I heard he quit the team already

9/1/2015 8:04:49 PM Pittsburgh, PA  

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McKeesport, PA
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I don't agree with it but of course I don't agree with letting any of the other criminals back in the NFL though and there are many. I will still watch football cause I love it but I don't have to agree with the Rooney's on this one.

9/9/2015 4:10:52 PM Pittsburgh, PA  

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Stratford, CT
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I'll care when the make the play offs in women's field hockey finals.

janet5360 - Pittsburgh, PA