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12/15/2012 2:15:24 PM She picked another guy over me  
Ventura, CA
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Quote from lanabritt:
scientists say DIFFERENT things about hormones,
it also is VERY INDIVIDUAL from person to person
and cannot be generalized.

Some women after 25 think about sex MORE then men and MORE then teenagers.

well thats logic when I said that,
I was hoping to be understood ...
common sense of course we cant generalize...
I agree there are many women over 25 or over 30 who love sex... and thats all they think about

[Edited 12/15/2012 2:16:02 PM ]

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12/15/2012 2:31:54 PM She picked another guy over me  

Lehigh Acres, FL
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There's nothing you could have DONE differently because you already did something...... Dont stress it move on. Bottom line is on these sites the competition goes up because its more based on visual than anything else. On top of that more than half of the people say what they think others want to hear rather than the truth about there mentality.

But as far as something I saw - the first kiss thing you mentioned I have done this also and then been told " I didnt think you were interested " so I ended up losing that opporunity. So its a slippery sloap I would say if its a great date go for it it not like your asking for the cookie, just some sugar, if she isnt interested she'll give you her cheek. Women seem to want the aggressive men not the overly polite ones. Some ladies would be able to answer that one better? just what I think through experience. Just don't expect sex but a kiss after a REALLY GOOD DATE should be to much to ask even if just a peck.

As far as her telling you about the other guy thats actually awesome most would just do it behind your back so she should have got some cool points from you on that.

Think of it like this you had that real good date and then she met someone..............Figure it out yet you may have never had a chance here, enjoy the good night and move on.

12/15/2012 2:35:03 PM She picked another guy over me  

Lehigh Acres, FL
36, joined Jun. 2012

I also agree with devil dog, even the to tier of womeon and men struggler on here. Online dating is every bit as complicated as in person maybe even more so. YOu will be shot down dissed and used before you are appreciated respected and loved. Toughen up and roll with the punches its going to continue happening.

12/15/2012 3:14:37 PM She picked another guy over me  
Mission Viejo, CA
54, joined Oct. 2012

Sorry you are going through this situation. Rejection of any kind is always painful.

You are young and hopefully have many years ahead of you. I know these are cliche's, but they help me with relationships:

1. Smart listens to the head
Stupid listens to the heart

2. Don't let the little head
do the thinking for the big head

I wish you much happiness and
success with your life. Be strong
and have faith in yourself. Her
loss will be some other Lucky
Woman's gain.

12/15/2012 3:24:21 PM She picked another guy over me  
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Gainesville, FL
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Op you were lucky she could have lead you on. Remember this you can't make some one want you they either do or they don't.

Your assignment for today send out 25 emails and find some one else

12/16/2012 11:51:41 AM She picked another guy over me  
East Moline, IL
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he dumped her after 2 days


12/17/2012 2:55:40 AM She picked another guy over me  

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Quote from giss1:
No it's just life. American women love you until they find a bigger andbetter deal. There's about 1% of American women worth a crap.

Anyone smart won't lose a good thing for something that may not last. I guess I am.that 1%. Remember, men do the same shit. Some people are just bound to learn the hard way and die alone.

Russian lady Asian woman Latin girl Slavic bride