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its been while...
by workfishscrew at 11/25/2015 7:51:36 PM

its been awhile since i have been on here. haven't had much reason to be here. don't seem to be making any headway in meeting anyone . life in general has gone downhill in the last year or so . got fired unjustly from a good job . i know most people will claim its not their fault they got fired , but not in this case . i did something stupid . but what i did did not merit getting fired . even my boss felt that way . but the decision came from corporate . so life goes on . recently i have had a string of medical issues . first a really bad run of migraines that kept me basically bedridden for almost 2 months . of course during this time i lost my job . i was looking for a job and doing some side work and i blew out my ACL . without insurance i have no way of getting it fixed and with it like it is , don't know how i could possibly work . so . that's where i stand .


online now!
11/25/2015 8:30:35 PM

Don't fret it will get much better

11/26/2015 3:00:25 PM

dh is a dead sea now. ran into the ground. go to grocery store and run your cart into a woman. lol