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transcencance ( a story in progress)
by workfishscrew at 11/25/2015 8:55:52 PM

He watched from the shadows as the heavily armored troops emerged from the building . one of them carried a motionless ( dead ? unconscious?) body over its shoulder . three more prisoners were being led out by several of the other Cheracs. Their hands were secured with something similar to handcuffs that attached to control collars on their necks .their eyes were wide with whatever terrors the drugs administered by the collars provided.
When they first arrived no one knew what to make of the Cheracs. Without warning or introduction their huge ships landed in remote uninhabited areas. All attempts at communication failed . They seemed to take no notice of us . Nearly invisible shields protected their ships and the surrounding areas . these shields proved to be impenetrable by any weapons . Even with he most viscous of barrages the armored giants seemed not to care or notice . day in and day out at each of the sties dozens of the aliens began disassembling their great ships and building strange machinery . the only location that any effect was made upon was in Mexico. Some cartel leader had taken it upon himself to hire massive earth moving machinery and buried the entire site under hundreds of thousands of tons of earth . for three months they tore down and build built back up . and then one day a different form of alien was seen .cameras recorded the moment when a single alien stepped forth from the remains of a mother-ship . Compared to the 11 foot tall aliens this was much smaller .slightly hunched over it stood about 7 feet tall .Like the armored giants , they too were bi-pedal .but they had 4 arms ending in viscous talons . their huge heads were somewhat triangular with large eyes and a small mouth .They had no visible nose or ears . They wore what looked to be some single piece jumpsuit and where not covered their skin was mottled green and black .Within hours of the first emergence in Germany they were seen at most of the other sites across the world.

(more later)


11/26/2015 2:50:47 PM

Fun reading get stuffed for the holidays...