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hello beautiful lady's im looking for a girlfriend or date in Milwauke
by rideme2171 at 1/22/2016 10:34:16 PM

Let me know I'm a handyman too and healthcare man.


1/23/2016 12:10:54 PM

First learn that "ladies" is the correct way to spell more than one lady. Otherwise, you'll find someone just as dumb.

1/23/2016 12:12:58 PM

Example: The theif stole the lady's purse. There are more than 3 ladies that work for me. See the difference?

1/23/2016 1:14:22 PM

OHH HELL NAW ! Where did this fat warthog faced b.itch come from . Fat cow Jill I thought you were told to get off the Internet and hit the gym. look at this fat b.itch trying to be a grammar nazi. Get the f.uck out of here clownie aka fat cow Jill

1/23/2016 1:32:55 PM

Fu , only you can be our grammar Nazi, at least for me

1/23/2016 1:36:55 PM

Op, I wish you luck

1/23/2016 3:30:11 PM

Good luck to you.

1/23/2016 4:07:57 PM

Yet, you forgot me? Lol yeah its me the proper grammar chief of police. It's not Fu.. I could assure you of that. Hate me for that if you want, but people need to learn, especially if they are American citizens.

1/24/2016 12:14:47 AM

Hi clownie, long time no, I haven't forgotten you and I don't hate you, just didn't like how you came down on the OP. Happy Sunday

1/25/2016 9:05:32 PM

I tried uploading a recent picture. I get "low memory" message. So annoying. Anyway, what's up?