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9/29/2014 6:05:20 PM Another does anyone else have this issue?  

Sonoma, CA
42, joined Apr. 2013
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I've had my cat since he was a baby, lil early to have been weened from mom, but oh well, Anyhoo, almost every morning when i wake up, i wake up to him nursing or trying to anyways, on my arm, neck,leg. he is now about 10 weeks, maybe a lil bit older than but he still does. how do i get him to stop? also when he bathes himself he is the most loudest licker that ever was! is he over salvating? Anyone? ideas?

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9/30/2014 12:11:58 PM Another does anyone else have this issue?  

Lincoln, NE
45, joined Jun. 2010

10 weeks IS a baby. He'll still be sucking like that for awhile. They shouldn't be taken away from their mother until 8 weeks at the earliest. You can't make him stop, he'll stop when he stops.