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6/23/2015 6:16:11 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

Painesville, OH
62, joined Jul. 2008

Hi, I have 3 cats. 1 is in to yogurt when I pull 1 out of fridg. and he loves peanut butter.

A second boy,( 3 males), he goes crazy for sour cream and cheddar potato chips.

My youngest likes any soup, quess it's not that uncommon. If I let him, he would eat sweet pickles!

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6/23/2015 6:35:49 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

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Middleport, OH
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6/23/2015 10:09:38 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  
Over 2,000 Posts (2,785)
Stout, OH
53, joined Jul. 2014

Actually yogurt is good for dogs and cats. Vets will sometimes tell you to give your pet yogurt, especially if one has been on antibiotics, because of the probiotics. I occasionally get yogurt for my two senior dogs (both are 15 years old).

Peanut butter is also very good for them, and is included in a lot of dog treats (not sure about cat treats).
Very few animals can resist potato chips, especially the flavored ones. Just be careful as the flavoring is salt and MSG- and you may not want them to have to much of that.

Soup, I can imagine them liking. Sweet pickles- that's odd, but I'd say it's because they watch you eat them. LOL They like what "mommy" is eating. lol

My dogs like popsicles (the fla-vor-ice ones in the plastic tubes).

Your cat eating soup reminded me of this: for hot days, you can take an ice tray and beef or chicken broth and make broth "popsicles" for your dogs or cats. Tasty way to cool them off.

6/25/2015 1:36:59 AM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

Over 4,000 Posts! (6,883)
Henderson, TX
50, joined Mar. 2011

My BC's fave is peanut butter but that's not really unusual tho. He's interested in pretty much anything I eat. I don't care how quiet I am about it...when he hears a bag open..There he is! He likes Bugle's chips but I only give him 3-4 so he doesn't feel left he likes nuts like peanuts, almonds, walnuts. Cheese, heel of bread, lots of things. Porkskin chips...even the hot ones. He also likes to lick bowl clean when I've ate some hot sauce. *guess he's a pepper belly like me* never gives him diarrhea. Used to have another border collie that always wanted to lick my hot sauce bowl clean...surprised but he loved it.

All this is in moderation...just a couple bites.

His fave treat is when I stuff his hollowed out bone with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

[Edited 6/25/2015 1:39:37 AM ]

6/25/2015 9:01:12 AM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

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Parrott, GA
67, joined Apr. 2011

Had a cat that liked nothing but dry cat food and canned tuna fish, then out of the blue he found uncooked spaghetti that fell on the floor when I was breaking it up and he had a new favorite

6/25/2015 3:05:12 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

Orlando, FL
67, joined Nov. 2012

My little rescue pup likes V8 juice, mango juice, green tea, Dr Pepper - and Guiness Extra Stout. You might say shes a drinker!

6/26/2015 4:40:48 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  
Over 2,000 Posts (2,785)
Stout, OH
53, joined Jul. 2014

I just fed all of my pups a sherbet cone. I get the kiddie sized cones and put a little sherbet in the bottom. They really enjoyed them.

7/11/2015 3:31:48 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

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Stephens City, VA
74, joined May. 2014

The cats that live with me like potatoe chips, popcorn and cheese snacks

7/20/2015 4:25:18 PM What unusual taste does your pet havet?  

Indiana, PA
45, joined May. 2014

I had some strange cats mine like fruit, Pineapple cantaloupe and watermelon was some of their favorites and my dogs love pizza and Garlic bread with cheese. One of my cats begged at the fridge for cheese she would sit on her hind legs as if she was a dog.

They also like yogurt, cheese doodles, bbq chips, and pretzels basically anything that I ate one of my animals would eat it. at one time I had 35 cats.