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oldlady4oldman   Last Online: Today
Single Women Gig Harbor, Washington, WA, Gray Hair, Blue Eyes
 Location: Gig Harbor Washington
 Zip Code: 98335
 Age: 70, Capricorn
 Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
 Hair, Eyes: Gray, Blue
 Body: Full figured
 Ethnicity: White
 Religion: Christian/Protestant
 Politics: Conservative
 Education: Some College
 Income: Didn't Say
 Job: Retired
 Smoke: Smoke Regularly
 Has Kids: Yes, not living with me
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About Me
First of all I am not a religious nut and don't live at the church, but my tie to Jesus and Christianity is unshakable and not subject to compromise. I seek ONLY a Christian man of some denomination.
I don't otherwise judge on looks, but prefer clean cut guys.
I am a widow,(DH was military retired who died in 2008) and I'm most comfortable with men near my age (69) or older. Raised in Michigan, with family still there, I am thoroughly "middle class".
Yes, I'm a big gal(250) but don't like it or want to stay that way.

Please DON'T message me telling me how beautiful I am, I don't trust liars. If you say you are "Native American" you better say what tribe!
If you REALLY LIKE TO FISH, THEN OFFER TO GO FISHING WITH ME. Meet me at the local pier or bring your boat (big or little boat,)to the boat launch, I will pack a lunch, buy gas, and bait.

I don't believe real LOVE is something you "FALL" into or out of with anyone. That is infatuation, arousal, or some other emotion.
I believe LOVE IS WHAT YOU DO, you DECIDE TO LOVE SOMEONE, afterwards always treating them with respect, deference to their wishes, each building the other up, being loyal, truthful, trustworthy, compassionate, caring, diligent and honoring each other. YOU CAN DO THAT WITH A COMPLETE STRANGER THAT YOU CHOOSE TO LOVE, AND IF THEY DO IT TOO, YOU WILL BOTH DEVELOP THAT EMOTIONAL LOVE and AROUSAL BEFORE LONG!!
I KNOW it works because I and my husband DID IT, deciding to marry after only 3 dates. We were virtual strangers but honored our commitment to each other AND "FELL IN LOVE" emotionally AFTER WE WERE MARRIED!! We were married over 44 years.
I'm totally free of debt.
I love to learn "how to" do new stuff on YOUTUBE.
I don't have a gambling problem.
I'm not big into drinking alcohol, but am not a complete tea-totaller.
I want to find a guy who can legally own and use firearms..
I have a concealed carry license
I like to target shoot.
I'd like someone to teach me how to hunt.
I love to fish (bait my own hook, gut and clean my own fish, but I don't have a boat)
I want to find a political conservative like myself.
I am a "prepper" so I rationally am able to dismiss worrying about anything unfortunate that is reasonably likely to happen because i have already done all I can to " be prepared to" respond to it.
I am a first born, Type A personality, very responsible.
I'm NOT a "Vegetarian"
If you give respect and expect it, here I am.
If you are looking for a reliable, loyal, faithful, person who keeps promises, I have a good track record in that.
If you want a "can do", not helpless, mate, then look no further.
also like to travel, swim and go gold panning/ metal detecting.
I don't use drugs.
I have 3 wonderful, successful daughters and 13 grand kids here in Washington state.
I can make a buck spend like a twenty, but am generous and not a tightwad.
My health is finally improving. (after getting rid of a bad hip, gangrenous appendix, bad gall bladder and finally (AFTER 11yrs untreated, getting thyroid meds) I recently got a semi-recumbent trike to build up my stamina and endurance. But I still have a torn (shoulder) rotator cuff to be fixed soon. I hope I will be able to go back to swimming after that is fixed. I'm type 2 diabetic but suspect that will leave with the excess weight,

If you can help "bring out the best in me" I think I can trim my weight.
I once, not that long ago, was much closer to as beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside, and hope to get some of that back.

I was caregiver first for my mother, then next my husband for seven years during which my health got worse.

I have, (not all necessarily recently) held Realtor license, PRIVATE PILOT license, FAA Airframe mechanic license, Advanced Ham Radio Operator license, Beautician's license, Diploma as graduate Dental Assistant, Army corpsman (medic), licensed Nurse Assistant Registered, House wiring, Computer A+ Tech, Jet aircraft "plumber", auto mechanic(years ago before computers), IBM customer engineer 7 yrs, and about 9 yrs ago I replaced the deck on my home by myself. I can plumb a sink and once knew how to weld.
I like to cook and can "cook from scratch", bake, can, and dehydrate, plain, not gourmet, food.
I can sew to repair things.
I have no pets but I like dogs.
I used to have a vegetable garden but have to get a little stronger and lose some weight to do that again.
If I don't know something I need to know, I will go research and learn all I can about it.

I like country and western, gospel, and music from the 50's,60's,70's or music that has understandable words and is not "dark" or vicious.
I wish I had musical talent, but I do not, can't even sing.
I do not have any "artistic" flair either.

I love scrabble, card games, and 2 dimensional "pool", MaJong, and Freecell on the computer.
Do NOT SEND THE SAME MESSAGE TO MANY WOMEN, it is an insult, and we can spot it.

Want To Find: A man ages 67 to 80 to date
I Like:
"who dun it" mysteries, adventurous, baking, British sitcoms, car rides, Christian, Drudge, fishing, funny animated cartoons, HAM, inventive, metaldetecting, miracles, NDE's, news junkie, old movies, pilot, poet, political analysis, Prepper, prospecting, survival skills, swimming, thrift shopping, writer
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Just caught this 42" Muskie July 2014 in Lake St Clair MI fishing with sister & brother in law in their boat.
Christmas 2013 at my daughter's house.
Me at 18 in Women's Army Corps in1963 At Ft Sam Houston TX
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