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My mom passed away Sept 14th
by dbcmale at 10/31/2016 7:39:56 PM

Not close to her family, my dad isnt in the picture and Im an only child indeed challenging times without a doubt.


10/31/2016 7:43:18 PM

Hardest thing in life or it will be in mine and for ME! Gotta go through the grieving process and remember the good times, and WE need to surround ourselves with good people... If you can make it through this, everything else in life, will be easy...

10/31/2016 8:11:01 PM

Condolences for your loss.

10/31/2016 9:16:19 PM

Sorry for your loss

11/1/2016 1:44:31 PM

My condolences for your loss,

11/1/2016 3:54:29 PM

I have lost my mom too. I know it's tough. Hang in there. Be thankful that you got to know her as long as you did. You will always have memories, her teachings, some photos and perhaps some video to look back on. Plus, you have more than 1/2 of her DNA. So, in a sense part of her lives on within you and your siblings.