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Feeling lonely and board
by reaper6904 at 11/19/2016 2:38:44 PM

I don't understand this is a dating site yet I still have not talked to any women....I'm tired of being lonely, I don't care if the women that comes to talk to me wants just to party and have sex,. Hell I was only with my ex she was the only women that I had been with for over 2 years guess what I found out she was lying and cheating on me the whole time, she did it to get dope .so I think it's time to start having sex agin. hit me up


11/19/2016 2:47:44 PM

master piece writing. only on DH Zoo Land

11/19/2016 3:10:28 PM

Lonely and bored hmmm Try trolling the forums..

11/19/2016 4:49:11 PM

People aren't wanting to talk to the reaper.... That can't be... especially since the reaper wants sex. Come on ladies, why aren't you lining up?