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The Answer:
by whisperingrays at 3/7/2017 3:20:04 PM

We all know someone who is less fortunate than ourselves, in a difficult situation, in need of assistance in one form or another or struggling with life in general, no doubt. I have found that when a person is in need rarely does anyone step closer to offer their assistance. For most of us the task seems too great for just one person to make a difference in the world and life of another. We dont realize the impact our contribution can have or the power it holds within. In our minds it is the acts of the individual themselves that has brought them to the place of need and as adults we are the only ones responsible for our doings. Thus we attribute an individuals position in life to their very own actions or lack of action in some cases and dismiss any possibility of mishap or misfortune that any one of us could experience at any time as ones own fault. We exclude the possibility that we can make a difference in the world just by caring. Caring enough to help someone else. It could be help in the form of a listening ear, a comforting shoulder to lean upon, a hot meal, a place to sleep, wash and fold their clothes, offer them a job, or even cash in thier hand. Do something, whatever it is that you can do for someone else no matter it's significance to you, just do it. Get it?


3/7/2017 3:57:08 PM

Most people who ask for help are often scammers

3/7/2017 3:59:44 PM

i support a rescue misson in panma city.they can feed and help people for less than dollar a is the con artist .that change ther signs everyday that turn people many walk past legitiment ones on the way to play the slots?

3/7/2017 4:03:11 PM

churches can yse food vouchers .they are good for food booze.what gets me are the ones with dogs or pets .sorry if i am hungry that dogs going on the grill!

3/7/2017 11:37:29 PM

Terry some homeless have dogs as protection/ companionship. Bikers have a reputation they have to live up to, but I'm sure some can show compassion like that.

3/8/2017 1:50:47 AM

valid point.funny my next door neighbor is nice fuy.has a pit bull and ahe is aweet dog .may be differant verson.think chiquabnias are neaner little rat shits lol.

3/8/2017 6:30:32 PM

It is true, to decipher the cons from the real deal is challenging. If you didn't judge would it matter? I mean, if you gave a $1 or $5 would it matter if that person was in need according to your personal definition if "need" or not? It is important that what you give you give unconditionally, don't you think?

3/10/2017 1:38:21 AM

"If you didnt judge, would it matter." _____________________________ Yes' judging does matter. Too judge a situation. One must have care to evaluate....... Giving unconditionally, is giving away blindly..this in most cases often leads to disaster, in several different ways or for several different people envolved. ...too give unconditionally is giving without care... Those in need require care , no matter the mishap or misfortune. ..........give spare change to a begger without evaluating your enviroment__can get you robbed.....give money to those who knock at your door for good karma , sometimes leads to less food in your own childrens bowls...Dont get me wrong , help those in real need.,give a spare dollar if you have one......Give your life savings to the Good Will corporation ,with out researching them first and find out how their CEOS buy $500,000. Homes for them selves, not counting all the stealing theyve been caught doing multiple times. <~~~Google it. ....and find out how they only give 10% back into the community.....many of these save a life programs , like the feed Ethopia plan , have all been exploited for only helping its fundraisers..and not its people. ________ i salute your message OP , it defines sharing___i just do not believe in giving to unkowingly causes, that can lead one self into their own jeopardy......To help someone in need 'unconditionally' means you would be willing to jump from a ten story window or walk through hells fire just to reach them.