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The Story:
by whisperingrays at 3/7/2017 4:30:16 PM

It was raining the other day, which is odd for Las Vegas. The sky was grey and gloomy. Wet clouds hung loosly in the air waiting to dissipate. I heard a low growl. A kind of grumbling and thought hear comes the thunder and rain storm. Then it dawned on me that it was late afternoon and I hadn't had lunch. That rummbling was my stomach not a storm brewing! I headed over to a local Mexican hole in the wall to fill the gap in my belly. This particular establishment had a large billboard advertisement on display outside its front door. I had seen it before and thought the half naked barely 18 year old pasty white model somehow didn't belong on a burrito stand advertisement. Her huge smile, perfectly white teeth and provocative position on the billboard didnt make me think burrito. Taco, maybe, but she definitely didn't look like she wanted to eat burritos or any other Mexican food in my opinion! That's Vegas for ya. Just as I reached the front door to go inside and order my burrito lunch my eye caught a really tall and lanky biker dude quickly approaching another man on the sidewalk across from where I stood. He had pulled off the main strip presumably to grab him a beefy burrito, or whatever it was that pretty girl on the billboard was enticing him to buy. Standing next to the elderly fellow who was shaking his head back and forth, holding his hands up in the air; you could tell just how tall this biker dude was as he towered more than a foot over the other man's hands in the air. I could hear the old man cussing as he then squatted in the gutter of the sidewalk, grunting, his pants drooping below his waist. He had no shirt on. It was about to rain. The cold wind was strong. I watched as this biker guy picked up the bycicle that lay wedged in the gutter. He swept up the bycicle and placed it securly on the sidewalk in front of the old man. No words exchanged between the two men, but it didn't matter; the deed was done and I was witness. In total disbelief; I would not have imagined in a thousand years such an event could take place. In less than a minute and a half the most incredible humanitary act of kindness by one of the societially least expecting individuals had occurred. I think we are all familiar with the local groups of motor bike riders that call Vegas home that naming is not nessesary. I stood there with my hand on the door to the Mexican shop memorized in awe. It wasn't until the door was flung open and I was face first in the back of a biker jacket that I realized I was impeeding entry and I was not the only one hungry. That's what I am talking about.


3/7/2017 9:59:02 PM

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