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He did not come on a date
by MaryClick at 3/12/2017 2:29:41 PM

It happens that the guy does not come on a date. I feel regret. This is disrespect. Do not date
if you do not come. And if you change your mind -


3/12/2017 2:38:08 PM

You're an absolute phony. And likely a phisherwoman, to boot.

3/12/2017 3:33:36 PM

I had someone do that to me. Just didn't show up. Rude rude rude. Better you learn early they were not a person of their word, untrustworthy.

3/12/2017 4:21:25 PM

Had that happen to me also it makes you feel pretty low.

3/12/2017 5:52:34 PM

If your connection were bare as your profile..i can see how the guy mightve become discouraged.___as for the moral of topic.....yeah, thats kinda sad.

3/12/2017 6:11:47 PM

Best to say you are sick or your car broke down than leave the person hanging and wasting their time and gas.

3/12/2017 6:30:31 PM

Cafe why not just be honest and say that you changed your mind or that you got cold feet and can't make it.

3/12/2017 7:08:20 PM

That did happen to me a few years ago, when I texted her the next day she said she thought it was the next weekend and went out of town to visit friends that Sunday, she seemed like a really nice lady that I wanted to meet. I kicked around the idea of another time the next Sunday but waited to see if she might mention it first during the conversation,... She didn't, so I just figured it wasn't that big a deal for her, it all passed into history lol.

3/12/2017 7:47:33 PM

If his reason is very reasonable and he apologize, that's okay but if not and like nothing happen to him,don't ever talk him .or never give him a second chance.

3/12/2017 8:14:32 PM

Because, flat, it is obvious the person had a problem with being straight up, so it gives them an out. Instead of wasting someone's time and standing waiting like they did.

3/12/2017 9:14:23 PM

U right Mr cafe,some people are having problem with honesty. Thanks I never experience that.

3/13/2017 12:31:16 AM

Lot my car flooded out trying to drive over to see you.

3/13/2017 1:01:52 AM

Terry ,u keep me to wait from night to morning,I'll bite u when I get u

3/13/2017 1:15:09 AM

i have never kept a woman waiting or stood one up in my life,i have bit some lightly though,an b een bit back,an stuff..kinda makin coffee,an fightin sleep again..see yall in 30 years.

3/13/2017 1:16:17 AM

Hope you had your shots. Watching nakid and afraid .guy got sunburn instantly. my friend and. I behaving .inly ones nakid ate on tv.lolf

3/13/2017 2:33:57 AM