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Freaky Fetishes: Lovers of Feet

What exactly is a foot fetish and where on earth did it come from? Why are some people aroused by the turn of an ankle or lift of an arch, while others see only calluses and toenails that need to be clipped?

Foot Fetishism aka Podophilia: Historical Aspects

Dictionary definitions concern a "pronounced sexual interest in feet."

Points of attraction include: the shape and size of the feet and toes, state of dress (or undress) odor and any other form of sensory interaction.

Freud considered foot binding as a form of fetishism and theorized that Podophilia occurred because of the foot's semblance to a phallus. It must be remembered that Freud had his own problems, both with substance abuse and unresolved issues regarding his own mother, which flavors any analysis despite his brilliance.

It has been suggested that there is a connection between the increase of foot fetishism and epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases.

The oldest written reference to the foot fetish dates back to the year, 1220 and Bertold of Regensburg. In a study conducted at Ohio State University, Dr. A. James Gianini concluded that during the great gonorrhea epidemic of 12th-century Europe and the syphilis epidemics of 16th- and 19th-century Europe, there was an increased interest in feet as sexual objects.

In the same study, the frequency of foot-fetish depictions in pornographic literature was measured over a period of thirty years and was found to increase significantly during the current AIDS epidemic.

How do foot fetishes originate?

Fetishes are often entwined in subjective responses traceable to what some call "accidents" of the past. They begin by somehow connecting and relating to sexual impulse, particularly as a stimulus for erotic excitement.

For example, if a boy experiences arousal for the first time by a partner wearing distinctive shoes (could be anything; a high heel, a colorful finish), the vividness of the impression, which is bolstered by the shoes, becomes by association a sexual stimulus.

This often translates into a future requirement for shoes in order to induce sexual excitement. Without them, sexual excitement is lackluster as by this time this sexual preference has become rooted in memory by the event in the past.

How the sexual impulse was first aroused at the time of the experience is a question that remains unanswered. It is also odd that given the fact that the capacity for "conditioning" is present in both sexes, the frequency of fetishists among women is very low.

The Foot as an Erogenous Zone

For the foot fetishist, the foot represents another erogenous zone; a piece of art upon the body to be worshipped, just as the breast or the penis.

Like other body parts, the foot has curves and delicate zones and can respond to both hard and soft caresses. Arousal can emanate from the curve of the ankle, the arch of the foot as it sits in the high heel and the perfect alignment of toenails.

There are also voyeur aspects; platforms make the feet just out of reach and like the hint of sexy underwear, feet with open toes and lots of straps can be very alluring. Pedicures and perfumed feet are the ultimate erotic pleasure for the foot fetishist. Then there are also those who prefer the natural scents of the foot. To each his own (foot, that is.)

The feet as an erogenous zone represent a sensitive area, which some men like to tickle and stimulate with feathers. The purpose of this is to observe which way they move and twist, and to alter the laughter caused by the stimulation into blatant desire.

For some men, sucking on toes simulates oral sex. This can be highly erotic as sensitive areas can render both pleasure and pain.

In addition to appearance and smell, the feet have psychological implications as well.

There is always the subtle reference to feet as objects of servitude and submission. A high heel conveys its own message of servitude and power over the man and the clacking of heels means the teacher is on the way back into the room.

A woman who wears platform boots is in complete control because her partner wants to touch her feet so badly and they remain out of reach until he submits to her desires.

Is anybody you know into feet?

You better believe it! Some names you might recognize include: Baudelaire, Casanova, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Hardy, Enrique Iglesias, Quentin Tarantino, Jay Leno, Ricky Martin, Eddie Murphy and Andy Warhol.

And so, if this is your thing, as you can see, you are in good company. Just stay away from shoe stores and lonely sandals unless you are ready to pay the price! If the shoe fits, however, you really should wear it!