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10/11/2013 11:31:16 PM How God speaks to us through other people?  

Wood Dale, IL
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In the past few years i have met strangers speak things to me that i never expected to hear. one person i met, i didnt know her very long maybe a week... she invited me to her house warming party I thought about not going since i just met her.. but i decided to go anyways. the only reason i went was because i could trust her since she was a chicago police officer. at the last moment i decided to go. we talked for hours after the party about God and her lessons that He taught her. she was in a conversation with someone and i happen to walk in the room and i heard her say there are consequences to your actions. some how i felt God was speaking to me through her. another time im at work and this person says to me "You are in the wrong place, you dont belong here" i found that pretty strange as if God was trying to tell me this is not what I'm made to be doing. another person I knew told me a few things in a few conversations we had... she said 2 people in a relationship must believe in God or the relationship will fail. its strange how since then that seems to pop into my head when i'm interested in someone who don't believe in God. another time she told me that i doubt God and don't trust him, its strange how she hit it right on the head of the nail. i was shocked it was like God was directly talking to me. I realized later on that it was sooo true, i was in denial. i learned that no matter where you are God will use anyone to speak to you to get a message across, its like when you cant hear Him, He is shouting through other people " I AM here!" I am thankful for those people that He has spoken through to me, otherwise i'd be the same person i was then. sometimes God will put you in a place where you have to change. sometimes the truth hurts but it is necessary to bring correction in your life. I am glad to those people because they have stopped me from making some of the biggest mistakes of my life that might of been harmful to me. sometimes we grow a deaf ear to people close to us but its the people we dont know or hardly know at all that God uses to make us hear His voice.

has anyone experienced the same thing?

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10/12/2013 12:33:16 AM How God speaks to us through other people?  

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Chicago, IL
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Quote from firefighte4eva:
has anyone experienced the same thing?

Hundreds of times. Especially when I was first learning His voice. Now He usually speaks to me directly.

That is, unless I become stubborn about something.

10/12/2013 1:12:36 AM How God speaks to us through other people?  

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Deland, FL
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I don't know if this is exactly the same thing, but it
could be.

One time I was out of work and I was feeling desperate, so
I begged God to please get me a job doing anything. So a day
later I got an interview, then I got hired. It was a situation
where one person trained me, then after I was on my own, I found
out I was given some wrong instructions. When I tried to apologize,
then explain, "That's what I was taught." When the person was
confronted (not in my presence), she lied, then it made ME look

Earlier, I was "trained" on 2 different shifts, by two different
people. I got told conflicting things, during such "training" so
after mistakes were made, I tried to explain that I was trained
that way. Again I was not believed, and made out to look stupid.

As time went on, I tried unsuccessfully & left several private
messages to the manager, that we really needed to talk. Never got
a response. This left me continually frustrated. People on other
shifts weren't doing their work, leaving it for me, but they marked
down that it was done. Ugh!!! More lies and misconceptions were
believed, and I was made out to be the liar, or "dummy"...I got
upset a few times, tried to defend myself, wasn't believed, and was
subsequently fired. All along I new the job was screwed up and I
couldn't keep working there, but I stayed and kept trying, just to
end up getting fired over something completely ridiculous.

So, it just goes to show, that sometimes what I want, isn't what
is right for me. Maybe God was showing me that He isn't to be
rushed, and sometimes what I want isn't good for me. It was like
I was being taught, but in the opposite way. Maybe God WAS showing
me, through other people, what He wanted me to know.