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6/8/2014 8:28:02 PM ANOTHER Felonious Feline causing trouble -  

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Grove, OK
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Another feline felon ruining my dog-day afternoons..
And why us edumashaded, obedient,
faithful and gorgeousness canines
dislike these obnoxious critters....!!
Cats are KNOWN for their complete
disrespect for any and all authoruty...
I aint one to " talk " about others..
Specially cats and felines..
I aint no squealer,
tattle tale
but there is this cat that
lives next door and has no respect
what so ever for any one or any thing...
I am pretty sure he has some warrants and
no drivers lic..
" detain " him at all costs..

And PLEASE don't delete meeeeee...
Cause I is INNOCENT..!!!

Digital Dog

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6/28/2014 6:35:12 PM ANOTHER Felonious Feline causing trouble -  
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