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9/6/2014 12:45:35 PM Working Condition Up North  

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So I got a call late at night from a friend who drove his welding rig, trailer and truck up north from Florida.

He got a call from an agency wanting him to work. He works hard, does a good job and always wanting to get the job done right and fast. He's in very good shape and works out! Pretty strong guy for 63 years old, can climb stairs, catwalks with no problem at all.

He was fuming, angry and wanted to vent out! He has been working for 3 weeks at the site doing silos, and other things. Then yesterday,(a friday) there was no fuel for the generator and workers started disappearing , drove off from the site. So he was asking the management "what is going on? Should I drive out and get fuel to run the generator and work?" No response whatsoever, even the supervisor/boss disappeared from the site!

So he got pissed and quit the job! I told him, since you are getting paid, you could have waited and see if the management will show up, since it is Friday, maybe that's how it is there! I don't know.

He has attitude problem sometimes! Impatient and go into outburst of emotion. I'm not familiar with working conditions up north when it comes to constructions. It seems this project is a tax incentive business and I am just curious at what is going on!

Any feedback would be appreciated

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9/6/2014 10:12:48 PM Working Condition Up North  

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Something really stinks about that job. Sounds like employees fixing to find out they have no paychecks coming. Btw,from the certain words you use, you have got to be filipina.