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4/6/2017 3:01:49 AM Listed companies of the bank and technology companies, who is good?  

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1964 birthday and world leader Yang Wen wei Inspection world, see:
Listed companies of the bank and technology companies, who is good?
The United States is the world's first
country, military, political, economic, science and technology, finance, banking, news, prevention, health, agriculture in all aspects of the world
is the first
in the cultural high-tech economy, Ok!OK
Technology economy, to enhance the various industries in the United States!
US stock code: BAC, 23.17 US dollars more than 1 shares, more than 161 yuan, 1 share,
US stock code: BA, 180 US dollars more than 1 shares, more than 1244 yuan, 1 shares,
There are a number of Silicon Valley, high-tech companies, the world's first,
Stock code: HPQ $ 17.69 above, US dollars1 share, 121.061RMB RMB, 1 share, has been rising
Stock code: GOOG 828 above US dollars, 1 share, 5713.2 yuan,RMB, has been rising
There are many banks and high-tech companies
Look at Asia China:
Bank of China propaganda is the 1912 Kuomintang Sun Yat-sen established, has been doing banking business today, stock code: 601988 1 shares, 3.66 yuan,RMB, that is the Kuomintang bank? Is that the Asian Bank of Asia?
China's technology, mainly through the culture and high-tech universities, trained, the United States to support Asia China has been reform and opening up for decades, Asia and China's technology? Look, by the Chinese and Chinese 174 universities together high-tech companies, called the Chinese high-tech, stock code: 600730,1 shares 11.97 yuan,RMB, that is China's high-tech it? Which is China's high-tech stock in China?
Some listed companies have more than
their stock, what is the reason?
Is it because, did not engage in civilized democracy, caused by it?
Than a comparison, look at the world people and the world army, other countries of the bank and technology stocks how? Look at the economy and the ability of science and technology!
If it is leading cadres, no ability!
Quickly revoke the job!

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