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4/19/2011 7:34:17 AM I Am the Forgotten (a poem of sorts, blog repost)  
Adrian, MI
31, joined Aug. 2010

Where are you? When are you? I question thee of course. I am not one to find in a text book, be it art, history, literature or even fiction. I have not, and most likely will not change the world. I simply wish to subsist and exist, with the utmost inconspicuity. I do not seek war, I do not seek recognition, I do not seek to be seeked. I am but simple. I am but me.

For I am the forgotten.

But who shall remember me? It is she. The love I lost, to one much more adamant than I, to the peac*ck of a man that will not hold his head but high. As he seeks his glory, fame and success, I simply wish to be, as a song once told me, but to be a Simple Man. In his bouts of chasing fame, fortune, and his never ending satisfaction, she is but another quest, that once conquered becomes nothing more than a simple trophy to collect dust upon his mantle...

But who am I? I am the forgotten... No longer anything but a simple whisp... a floating plastic bag... a memory, tucked so deep inside, that there is no hopes of revival.

To love, to lose, to cry with utmost fervor, now that is pain. To be forgotten, however, is something so much simpler.

I smile, as I know that though I may be forgotten, the faded memory of what once was, as well as the regret of what could have been, still shall haunt her, in this life and the next, as she spends her nights alone, asking herself: "who?" For I may be forgotten, but this simple twinge of heartache shall create a passage for me through time, and bonds me with those immortal heroes...

I Am the Forgotten.
Je suis l'oublié.
Yo soy el olvidado.
Io sono il dimenticato
Én vagyok az elfeledett

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4/23/2011 7:52:20 PM I Am the Forgotten (a poem of sorts, blog repost)  
Manchester, TN
51, joined Feb. 2011

loved it...heres your song...