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East Europe

Single Women Miami, Florida, FL, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
 Location: Miami Florida
 Zip Code: 33150
 Age: 24, Sagittarius
 Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
 Hair, Eyes: Blonde, Blue
 Body: Athletic
 Ethnicity: White
 Religion: Catholic
 Politics: Didn't Say
 Education: High School
 Income: Didn't Say
 Job: Full-Time Student
 Smoke: Don't Smoke
 Has Kids: No
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About Me
I want something to wake up for every morning..
It doesn't have to be someone, but I'd like it to be. .
It just needs to exist. .
I want to stop disappointing people, because I want to stop disappointing myself..
I want to stop making friends with the right kind of people who make me feel wrong. .
I want to find a passion for anything, anything to keep me going. .
I want to be the girl at the end of the movie who does the half smile, and knows everything will be fine..
I want total honesty to be easier to achieve. .
I want to end my life as myself - not my friends, not my family, and not who they always expected I would be. .
I want stress and exhaustion to disappear. .
I want to achieve everything they never did..
My name is katy
Plain and simplee
I dont care what you heard
or who you heard it from
its not true enless it comes from me .
I have blonde hair blue eyes

My name is common but I can assure you that i'm not. Katty, is what some people call me, others don’t matter.. I love the moments where your stomach and face hurt from laughing so much and your about ten seconds away from peeing yourself.If you think you know me, then trust me I’ll prove you wrong on so many levels. I revolve my life around maybe 10 lucky people. Growing up isn’t really on my to-do list, but it’ll happen eventually. I text so much that I fall asleep with my phone in my hand. Watching cartoons and cuddling with my teddy is my favorite?! Play with my hair and we’ll be bff’s! I depend on people a lot. I never thought I was a hard to please girl until recently. I’m a handfulI’. I’ll say some of the dumbest stuff. I’m “Fayette County Famous” for all the wrong reasons and odd enough as it might seem to you I really don’t care. I hate when people copy me. I’m over protected by my momma, but I try and have as much fun as possible anyways. I say things I don’t mean and I’m rude when I shouldn’t be. I've made a lot of mistakes and im trying to fix things but it's a little hard for me. Don’t obsess over the stuff I say, sarcasm is a language I'm rather familiar with. ll make it quite clear if I like your or not. Don’t tell me, I’ll tell you. Getting in my face is the worst idea. I have weird phobias and minor cases of A.D.D. and O.C.D. but it's more funny than anything. I’m pretty diverse but, I can assure you I’m always real and I’ll always be myself. I’m loud, I’ll get on your nerves, I’ll test my limits and I’ll for sure piss you off , but I really can be a sweetheart. I don’t think before I speak, and half the time my apologies won’t mean anything at all and neither will yours. Music makes me hyper, I sing into microphones that don’t exist, run around in my underwear, sleep with a teddy, accidentally spit on myself all the time, dance in the car, make stupid faces for no reason, shop for cute panties when I’m sad, and fall over anything. I have a cute giggle but a super loud and obnoxious laugh, bust out in random dance moves in shop n save, and I’ll make a fool out of myself anywhere I go but I’m sure to keep you laughing. I hate liars so don’t do it or I’ll kick you to the curb before you get the chance to lie again. I won’t lie to you, everyone knows everything about me around here anyways, the good and the bad. You’ll confuse me by saying the word “I” that’s how easy it is but I’m not as dumb as people seem to think I am, sorry to disappoint everyone. I’m unpredictable and you won’t ever know what to expect from me and you might just love me or hate me for that. I’m complicated and almost never satisfied so let’s see if you can keep up with me. If you think this is a lot then you’re seriously mistaken because all my laughs, cries, fight’s, friends, stories, inside jokes, random moments, and thoughts couldn’t even fit on this page. If you dont like me dont tell me bcuz i dont care.. Im here to please my self and not you

Want To Find: A man ages 18 to 44 to date
I Like:
sports dance track volleyball

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