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GEEZ Haven't updated since the summer!!!
by driver406 at 11/7/2012 11:05:32 PM

You'd think it would be a long post because I live such a wild and crazy life, but you'd be wrong. Let's see. I was getting back to work last time, fresh from my bypass. STILL doing well, but the doctor wants to see me every three months anyhow. You know how much greens fees go up all the time.

Not pleased by the election but the liberals are gloating over it.Surely they don't believe all that stuff in the press about Romney. Wait! Yes, they do but ol Mitt didn't get his people out to vote. We're stuck with the results.

Now since my last post I made a run up to Roseau which is up on the Canadian border. I went through Bemidji but I didn't see Jen. My cell phone didn't work in Roseau, but it came back to life near Bemidji. Great paying run but I was TRASHED when I got home.

Did a run to Des Moines about 6 weeks ago. Only run I did that day, but don't cry for me! It paid VERY well. Downtown Des Moines really reminds me of Rochester. I expected to see the Mayo Clinic every time I turned the corner.

Went hiking a few times, put the storms windows down. Yes, I live life at a breakneck pace. The girls in cardio rehab want me to get more exercise anyhow. Speaking of that I finished cardio rehab when I started working again. Doing great, no pain.

Nothing really to say as you figured out a few paragraphs ago so I'm signing off and going to bed!

For now...... g g g g g g g NITE, FOLKS!!


1/6/2013 6:42:48 PM

well said...lefty ! anyway,glad to hear your well from the other are interesting...

1/7/2013 12:23:38 AM

Guess this is as long a post as any. If you don't like my stuff, read something else! Plenty of other blogs in here and when I only blog once or twice a year there's a lot of catching up to do. Just find something else to read, lefty. No one said you have to read every word and if you find me boring, read the next blog! I can't expect to please everyone all the time.

3/18/2013 9:47:37 PM

Thanks Roni!!