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Hello... Hi... Howdy...
by ezzgoingru at 3/13/2016 6:09:18 AM

What's up? How are my fellow bloggers out their doing?? Hope all is well in your world, life's treating you kind and you're in the "best" of health, making good decisions


3/13/2016 6:22:19 AM

Spending a lot of time outdoors lately... mainly in the yard... I've been working on my mailbox and it's coming along just fine, really enjoy doing the mosaic (more than I had imagined I would)!! Thought I'd jump on and tell you about a recipe a co-worker told me about that I cooked yesterday... quick, easy and delicious!! It's called the "hobo dinner"... You'll need a baking tray & tin foil. First of all you need to slice an onion and place a thick slice(similar to the way you would make an onion ring),on the foil paper(foil paper should be 6x12 or so)... Next step is making a hamburger patty, (I used ground sirloin but believe ground turkey may be really good too). Sliced carrot and a small potato slice all of this is stacked on top of the patty. Wrap up the foil tightly and bake in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes... TASTY The recipe is on the computer as well... secret is placing the onion on the bottom first...

3/13/2016 6:59:35 AM

Hi, EZ! Good to see you. Sounds like you are keeping busy. I have had my health challenges, but I am in tip top condition spiritually! I have been doing some creative cooking, too, with organic foods. Some day I will actually have enough recipes to publish my own little organic cookbook. Have a great day!

3/13/2016 9:05:51 AM

Spring is around the corner. Enjoy your outdoors. When I cook beef, I prefer a way for the fat to drain, rather than be confined.

3/13/2016 10:03:14 AM

Morning EZ..gotta run ....late for everything. Set my clock back instead of forward.

3/13/2016 11:11:06 AM

Morning EZ Gorgeous Day here in Texas in my neck of the woods... hope it is in yours too.

3/13/2016 11:56:05 AM

3/13/2016 2:51:46 PM

No fat in the meat I bought... onion on the bottom is what kept it moist and gave it flavor too!!

3/13/2016 2:57:20 PM

Went to Sprouts after I left the coffee shop and got some zucchini, will be trying a new recipe with those as well... zucchini tots are on the menu later!!

3/14/2016 2:07:22 PM

Hi Ezz, good to see you,,, I'm like you spending lots of time outside. I 'll plant more Flowers this year and try to build a pond.{ Waterfall}

3/14/2016 5:14:08 PM

3/15/2016 5:52:53 AM

ez, have you missed me?

3/15/2016 7:08:01 AM


3/15/2016 4:44:20 PM