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5/30/2017 9:28:57 AM Boycott Heineken Products  

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Heineken just bought themselves a world of shit here in the United States.Are these people so shallow that they don't know that most of the US is red and a large part of them are loyal patriots.I don't drink their skunk piss anyway but there is a lot who do!

Semper Fi !!!

The world’s third largest producer of beer is joining with Katy Perry and other brain dead celebrities in a push for global control.
Dutch beer company Heineken is now shipping their beer with a sick message on the back. The multibillion-dollar brewer is calling for “a world without borders or barriers.”
Heineken is the latest multinational corporation to join in the push to erode national sovereignty and open all international borders.
Marketing executives at Heineken are hoping their brand is capable of shifting public opinion and convincing consumers around the globe to open their borders to share some beer.
While the marketing campaign appears on the surface to be a misguided attempt to pander to liberals around the world, it is actually in the best interests of the mega-corporation.
Many multinational firms are hoping to open borders in an attempt to drive down wages in developed countries. Heineken could save millions on labor as hordes of unskilled workers flock to steal European jobs.
However, the propaganda campaign will ultimately backfire, as many are planning to boycott the beer brand for promoting their globalist scheme.
Worse yet is the simplicity of the message on the back of the bottle. If you believe Heineken, opening the borders is simply the nice thing to do. According to Heineken, the world is not full of evil terrorists and dogmatic sadists, but potential friends blocked by those pesky borders.
In reality, the world is a very dangerous place. Heineken and the liberals who share their view are utterly ungrateful of the sacrifices of our ancestors. We have managed to achieve the most safe and prosperous society in the history of man, and the globalists hope to erode our success to prevent hurting the feelings of murderous goat herders.
An open world may benefit Heineken’s bottom line, but it will expose us to the evils of the world. We cannot sacrifice our safety in the name of corporate profits.
We need to join with the others boycotting the domineering beer maker. We need to show corporations that they serve us, their customers, and cannot push their political propaganda without consequence.

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6/2/2017 8:59:25 AM Boycott Heineken Products  
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Souderton, PA
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Let's place aside this "World Without Borders" concept for a minute. Exactly what does that mean in the big scheme of things? What will really happen?

I feel that they will do away with ALL nationalities as a result. No borders, no nations! As we continue to push "multi-culturalism", and force every nation to accept international tolerance of foreign cultures and traditions, the World looses it's flavor. One World Government, religion, laws, culture, and everything that makes nations different and exciting.

There goes the travel industry! Personally, I like going to foreign places to experience THEIR unique culture, not to visit my own, or what's the point. Once they are the same, everyone looses what makes them great.

If all the nations disappear and they loose their unique culture, the future multi-cultural world becomes very grey. All nations will be the same. While that may seem fair to some, it ruins what makes each culture unique.

Hmmm, now you've got me thinking....

Maybe we could use this to OUR advantage, and make this crap come to a stop after all. Imagine-if we passed a crazy US law that each Friday America was to feast on pork! That's OUR New Culture! If we are expected to be multi-cultural, all other insane nations would HAVE TO adopt this little portion of American culture, "pork day". The Muslims would exit the US on their own, and all the Muslim-loving countries would reject the entire multi-cultural concept when they see where it could lead. There's no way the entire World is going to accept OUR US culture. They must be racists!

OR maybe a little more down to Earth as an example. How about, the US demands that the entire World accepts OUR US Constitution and OUR system to make everyone EQUAL! What's wrong with that? America should force this little Colonial concept down the throats of the UN. That upsets the NWO scheme, doesn't it. The NWO is against everything America has achieved. That's what THEY are afraid of. "The Shining City on the Hill", as an example to the World. Rather than adopt what works, they want to destroy it. Americanism is what they wish to conquer, not accept. America as we know it, is THE enemy of the NWO!

We already have been successful disproving their Worldly theories on a different subject. When there are international famine relief donations, many nations reject and send back USA food. Our FDA approved grain, meat, and other foods and medicines contain certain chemicals and poisons outlawed internationally. The starving nations would rather choose to starve than accept OUR US generosity. This multi-culturalism doesn't seem to be acceptable when WE send OUR human kindness and compassion their way.

(The poisons we eat and use as medicines are HOW the NWO plans to destroy America. It's the only really important thing that WE do that is different than the rest. And it doesn't make sense. So, we have to ask, why?)

Isn't this interesting. The World insists that WE Americans must adopt their way of doing things but NONE of our culture! It just doesn't add up. Many are attempting to break into the USA. I haven't heard of too many trying to escape the USA. How bad can it be?

Germany has just declared the US and the UK as its enemy! Are they crazy! Yes. Germany is holding the NWO together. It's time to treat them as the enemy. It's time to stop buying their products and empty OUR military bases that protect them. They'll change their tune. The NWO will need to fold. Europe is on the brink and we can close the "European Union Exit" deal within one year. Other nations are on the fence. They just need a slight push to see that Angela Merkel's NWO "intentions" aren't in their best interest. The UK is doing fine today, without the EU. The French election was "rigged" against Lepenne and the citizens who wanted to leave the EU. The French citizens will fix that soon.

Not intending to change the subject, but I'm done with Heineken. It's this in-your-face Globalist mentality that's going to bring them all down. Vote with your dollars. Stop sending them money. The USA is the largest consumer of goods in the World. We can starve them of money AND food if we wanted to. Only if we can stop Congress from exporting money that we haven't printed yet and can never pay back. They send money behind our backs. Stop Congress from sending weapons to next year's enemy.

Ohhh, here's one to make you think. What-if America declared war on the World. Just like the NWO has. All nations must adopt the US Constitution. Who would resist and who would join us? Doesn't the US already promote individualism and multi-culturalism on a personal level? We shouldn't need to DO anything, just declare it, and make all these little nations think of the consequences, what-if they were more like us? What would they loose?

6/2/2017 9:51:48 AM Boycott Heineken Products  

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No borders mean Muslums win

6/2/2017 7:34:14 PM Boycott Heineken Products  

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Murrysville, PA
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that beer always smells skunky!! I can't drink that Holland piss brew.

6/5/2017 8:54:10 PM Boycott Heineken Products  

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Saint Paul, MN
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Quote from stargazzer:
No borders mean Muslums win

You're quite correct, star! Must be why the democrats support it so much.

Of course this begs the question, seriously, what SHOULD I have a pint of?

[Edited 6/5/2017 8:55:06 PM ]

6/7/2017 8:49:31 AM Boycott Heineken Products  
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Souderton, PA
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Quote from driver406:

Of course this begs the question, seriously, what SHOULD I have a pint of?

If anyone is interested in an excellent beer that is made in the USA and is superior to all the Worldly yuppie brands, try Yuengling Beer. It's made in Pennsylvania and is a family owned company. They value their employees as if they were family. They make a quality beer that rivals all the big breweries and for the price of regular beer. It's not overpriced. Their market is still growing, so it should eventually be available everywhere soon.

Support the USA, buy American, and enjoy quality at the same time.

6/19/2017 11:20:22 PM Boycott Heineken Products  

Over 10,000 Posts!!! (54,391)
Saint Paul, MN
65, joined Oct. 2009

Generally, I don't drink any foreign beer or ale unless it is English.