Top Asian cities to hook up and have fun

Asian girls are very sexy, and attract us no less than a warm climate in most of their countries. So where to go in Asia for a vacation, if you’re a beginner sex tourist? The options are so many. 

There are very cheap Asian cities with available girls, and pretty expensive ones with women you have to court diligently before you proceed. As a beginner, start from the cheaper countries. 

Where should I travel in Asia for the first time? 

Before you make any arrangements, check for other travelers’ reviews. Which places are the most popular in Asia? Maybe you will find many tips and useful contacts coming from your peers. 

Hot tours usually reflect these tendencies too, but do not be in hurry to grab any offer. Compare the pros and cons of all best places you find the info about, and decide what is more critical for you. 

Thailand hook ups: Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi

These three cities are most visited in Thailand. They aren’t the major ones, but tourists love them for the closeness of beaches, convenient infrastructure, nice prices, and travel operators include them to offers. 

Pattaya is a must for each low-budget traveler, including students looking for the adventure, and singles with the minimal income. It’s one of the cheapest places, and sexy girls are extremely accessible. 

Phuket is the biggest island in Thai where everyone can find a hotel for his budget. Hot Thai girls can easily be pickuped here since they got used to communicate with the tourists and date them. 

Finally, Krabi is the most Instagrammable place in Thailand. There is no beach in the town, but are the beaches your real purpose? Enjoy the picturesque nature, cheap prices, and surely sexy Thai girls. 

Krabi is recommended if you prefer seducing genuine girls, instead of ordering the escort services or a naughty masseur in Thai. There are lots of modest yet beautiful young women in Krabi. 

The Philippines lovers: El Nido, Coron, Angeles City

While practicing Asian hook ups, one cannot miss the Philippines. This travel destination is even cheaper than most of Thai resorts, while the hot girls readily focus on foreigners of all ages. 

El Nido can be easily reached from Manila, and is the most visited place of beautiful Palawan. Since it’s highly touristic, one can find all kinds of hookups here: with shy locals, skilled escorts, or female tourists. 

Coron is perfect for scuba diving and amazing photos, but it’s also frequently used by older singles for prolonged staying, even for the relocation. The environment is very friendly, and girls are nice.

Angeles City is unavoidable once you’re there. It’s the center of nightlife, and the atmosphere is maximally close to western cities. Hot girls of all kinds are waiting for the tourists, even the ladyboys. 

Indonesia casual sex: Jakarta, Ubud, Denpasar

Jakarta is surely recommended to you since it’s a capital of Indonesia, the wealthiest and most populated city. The choice of hookup girls and brides is huge there, although the prices are a bit high. 

Ubud is much cozier, must be convenient for the newbees. There are many attractions for tourists, from forest parks to SPA saloons. Casual sex and massage procedures make singles feel younger.

Denpasar is for lazy or impatient guys, since it’s exactly the airport city. You can stay there and enjoy the unique architecture, amazing food, majestic sceneries, and of course, exotic sexy women. 

Vietnam one-night-stands: Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne 

Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon, is a capital of Vietnam. Thanks to that, one can find escort girls there literally for coins, but simple local women are also happy to meet a foreigner and be his personal guide. 

Mui Ne is a very special little town that is considered a paradise for windsurfers, but in fact, it’s a great place for Asian hook ups too. Women who live there, are educated and open-minded. 

Moreover, since Mui Ne is regularly visited by western, European, Russian people, it’s easy to get casual with a hot girl of any nationality there. Prices for rent and food are pretty low as well. 

Which Asian country is the best for sex? 

The compilation above is the most thorough tutorial for inexperienced travelers, that absolutely guarantees saving your money and time while hookuping. But what if you can visit one Asian country only? 

It’s the case if you’re limited in time or your travel budget is very small. Well, the choice depends on your priorities and search purposes. Analyze your wishes and take the decision! 

  • Easy girls. The high accessibility of Asian girls isn’t a bad trait, unless you’re a moralist. Thai women and Filipinas, for example, have a pattern already about dating foreigners. 
  • Girls virgins. In Indonesia, women are taught not to make love before marriage. So basically you just have to prove your readiness to marry and become a Muslim. 
  • Very young girls. If that is your preference, you should know that age of consent in Japan and the Philippines is the lowest. Just be careful and present something to a girl’s family. 
  • Cheap wives. Pina and Vietnamese women are known as the cheapest wives who do everything at home and never demand a thing. Some Chinese girls are like that as well. 
  • Unusual hook ups. If you want to try exotic stuff, try the intimate massage in Thailand or threesome with a sexy girl masseur and your partner. Variants are many in Thai! 
  • Cougar sex. If you’re a handsome student or just short in money, don’t worry, there are Singaporean and Hong Kong women for you. They’re very well-provided and generous. 

As you can see, it’s pretty silly to miss the opportunities Asia provides. Even cougar dating and hookups is available, not talking about casual sex with young sexy ladies restricted in your own country. 

The majority of Asian countries are perfect for sightseeing, trying unusual food, sunbathing, inexpensive shopping. Those are amazing bonuses plus to hot hook ups and experimenting in a bed. 

It’s a true relief to enjoy casual sex in any city in Asia, although women’s mentality differs from place to place. In any case, it’s more profitable and pleasing to men than western girls’ thinking. 

Western guys who tried Asian dating at least once, become addicted and travel there regularly. You can spend each new vacation in the next country, and share your experience with the others.

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