Best hookup with a Peruvian girl: get laid in Peru in no time

One of the world’s most popular travel destinations, Peru boasts a rich diversity in terms of nature and culture. People from all over the globe visit this country in order to enjoy some unique experiences and create lifelong memories. Apart from that, a great many men are looking for best hookup in Peru, and their searches are usually a great success.

Meet pretty Peruvian girls for a casual hookup in Lima or Cusco

Why would you look for a casual hookup in Peru?

Although Peruvian girls are not as popular as Latina women from other countries of South America, we wouldn’t recommend overlooking the opportunity to get laid in Peru. Unlike hotties from Argentina, Colombia or Brazil, girls in Peru are not so arrogant and self-centred. They are not used to be treated like beauty queens, and their attitude is much simpler and warmer. So your experience will be quite different from hooking up Argentinean women or Mexican beauties.

It’s also highly unlikely they will run any scams in order to separate you from your hard earned dollars. The majority of Peruvian girls, especially away from tourist hubs, are honest and straightforward, without any hidden agenda. If they hang around with you, it’s because they are genuinely curious about you or even like you, and you don’t have to wonder what hidden agenda they may have in mind.

That said, don’t expect to find too many stunning beauties in Peru. In some countries of South America, lots of model-like looking girls can be found virtually everywhere: on the streets, in cafes and restaurants, in public transport, parks and gardens, and so on. It’s not like that in Peru. Girls are rather plain looking, but their cuteness lies within that special charm that is really hard to describe.

Peruvian girls’ appearance

A typical Peruvian girl has tanned skin, high cheek bones, thick black hair and dark eyes. The majority of women are not tall in this country, and their bodies are rather slim. It’s not common to notice any trace of obesity among young Peruvian women. As mentioned above, the country is hardly filled with gorgeous stunners, but in some urban areas of bustling metropolises like Lima you may come upon some of the hottest women you’ve ever encountered.

As a rule, their natural attractiveness is heavily empathised by stylish outfits, high heels, fashionable accessories and bright makeup. So one shouldn’t generalize and listen to those implying that all the Peruvian girls are rather unappealing.

Peru is rather underrated when it comes to getting laid with local girls, but you have all the chances to end up with the best hookup in your entire life. All you have to do is stick to the larger cities and give preferences to certain districts, especially college or university oriented.

Are they willing to have a casual hookup?

Generally speaking, girls in Peru like the idea of dating a man from another country. Foreigners hold a special attraction for a typical Peruvian woman, and you can feel this kind of attitude from the very first seconds of having a conversation with local girls. Make sure to take advantage of this privilege your Peruvian counterparts can’t count on.

As for character traits of women in Peru, they are not so passionate and choleric like girls in other Latin American countries. Peruvian ladies are more down to earth and even tempered. They are also very straightforward, so you’ll always know what they are up to.

Peruvian girls you’ll meet in major city are likely to have good manners and pleasant personality. They are friendly, sociable and soft spoken. So if you don’t like the emotional swings associated with dating a Brazilian or Mexican girl, Peru can offer you something entirely different.

Find attractive girls to have a hookup and get laid with in Peru

Online hookup with a Peruvian woman

In the world of today, there is no better way of meeting girls than over the internet. If you use a popular dating app, you can meet a lot of hot girls from any country from the comfort of your home, and Peru is no exception. It’s strongly recommended to use dating apps and make some contacts before you actually visit the country.

This way you will actually establish some connections and get the feel of what Peruvian women are like and whether you’re interested in getting laid with them. It will also allow you save your precious time if you’re in Peru on a short visit. You won’t have to take chances while approaching random girls on the streets – instead, you can meet women you’ve already wooed online.

If you wonder what kind of app you should choose for the best hookup in Peru, there are two options – Tinder and LatinAmericanCupid. Tinder needs no introduction – this is hands down the most popular dating app in the whole world, and you can never go wrong with it. LatinAmericaCupin, on the other hand, is commonly used in Latin America. If a Latina girl is interested in finding a partner outside her immediate circle, she’ll put her profile on LatinAmericanCupid.

Tips on talking to Peruvian women online

After you upload your photo and write your profile, it’s time to send messages to the girls you like. Make sure to use a search tool – LatinAmericanCupid offers a very good one. When you send your first message to a woman, don’t forget to include her name. A girl can always make out when you send a mass mail massage. There are so many lazy guys who don’t even bother opening a woman’s profile and keep sending one liners like “hi beauty” and “hello, how are you?” to every single girl they come upon on a dating website.

Needless to say, your chances for a response will skyrocket if you actually go through a girls’ profile and ask her a question, refer to something she said, laugh at her joke or pay her a compliment. You can also come up with a witty opening line, but it’s not necessary. The most important is to appear normal and sane, without any overly sexual remarks and perversions.

If a girl doesn’t speak English, try to message her in Spanish. There are plenty of online translators and special programs to help you out. After a few messages ask her for her number. In Peru, WhatsApp is exceedingly popular, so use this app by all means. It allows one to send short messages, pictures and videos, and you can also see whether your message was read.

One thing to remember when trying to arrange a casual hookup with a Peruvian woman online is not to discuss money issues, ever. You don’t have to inform her about your salary or investments, for examples, and it’s definitely a warning signal if she suddenly starts complaining about not having new shoes or expensive medicines for her grandmother.

Instant hookups in Peru in daytime

Generally speaking, Peruvian girls are easily approachable in daytime, and you have all the chances for the best hookup in cities like Lima or Cusco. You don’t even have to invent something extraordinary when picking up girls. A simple “hola” and a sincere smile would be sufficient to start a conversations – the chances a girl would turn your back on you is negligible.

As for places to meet Peruvian girls in daytime, it’s recommended to check out malls and shopping centres, parks and gardens, cafes and fast food restaurants. If you’re in Lima, the best areas for picking up girls include Miraflores, San Isidrio, and Barranco.

Keep it cool, simple and cheerful when approaching girls in Peru. Demonstrate your sense of humour and make them laugh. Being romantic is also extremely important. Of course, if you’re merely interested in getting laid with a Peruvian girl and having an easy hookup, perhaps you wouldn’t want to go overly romantic. But you should still behave in a gentleman-like manner. It will give you a lot of advantages as women in Peru appreciate this sort of things.

Apart from that, don’t hesitate acting like a leader. The majority of women in Peru believe in traditional gender roles, so a man is supposed to be strong, decisive, assertive and purposeful, according to them. By demonstrating these qualities you’ll improve your chances of getting laid in Peru like anything.

Quick easy hookups at night

If you count on nightclubs when planning an epic hookup, perhaps Peru is not the best place for your dating game. The county doesn’t boast an amazing nightlife, but if you focus your efforts on certain areas in Lima, you chances to succeed are pretty high. There is no shortage of bars and nightclubs in the capital of Peru.

Miraflores and Barranco are full of quirky and vibrant places to dance your night away and enjoy some of the nicest cocktails. That said, picking up girls in these places may prove more difficult than you think. The problem is, they usually come to nightclubs with groups of friends, and it’s not easy to initiate a conversation with a girl when she’s always surrounded by other people.

So what you should do is approach the whole group and try to engage them all in a nice conversation or a fun activity like bowling or karaoke. This way you increase your chances of getting laid with a cute Peruvian girl. Keep in mind though that one night stands are not common in Peru, and you can count on such luck only in the areas with lots of college and university students who try to mimic western culture. In order to learn more, check out top tips on having sex with Latina girls.

Go for best hookup with Peruvian women in daytime or at night

Hookup culture in Peru: top dating tips

There are certain things you should take into account in order to have the best hookup in Peru with a local girl. Here are some of them:

Improve your Spanish

English is not commonly spoken in Peru, and communication is key to success. So what are you supposed to do? That’s right- brush up your Spanish! Firstly, the girls will really appreciate your effort and cute foreign accent. Secondly, you’ll really make use of your knowledge. Spanish is widely spoken not only in Peru, but in a great many other South American countries, and you can improve your dating game in those countries as well. Spanish is easy to learn, and you’ll quickly pick up some common phrases even if you have a zero aptitude for languages.

Make sure you look elegant

Flowery tropical shirt, wrinkled shorts, old shabby sandals… Unshaven face and messy hair. Do you recognize this portrayal? Yes, this is how almost every single middle aged American or European looks in Peru and other South American countries. Don’t be one of these guys, it won’t do any good for your hookup game.

Forget about the best hookup in your life – no one will get laid with you whatsoever. Women around the globe favour elegant and stylish men, and Peruvian girls are no exception. A girl likes it when a man obviously takes some effort in order to impress her. Wearing shabby clothes is a sign of disrespect. So make sure you are well groomed and neatly dressed.

Revel curiosity about her culture

Peruvian girls are very proud of their cultural heritage, and if you express your genuine admiration for their customs and traditions, it will help you hold their interest. Share your knowledge in order to impress them and ask lots of questions. This way you’ll avoid that awkward silence that is an enemy of a successful date.

Don’t throw golden coins left and right, but don’t be too stingy either

Paying for a girls’ cocktail, coffee, ice-cream or movie ticket is alright – you shouldn’t expect her to pay her share in Peru. After all, it’s you who invited her. Keep in mind that wages are not high in the county, and a typical Peruvian girl has to manage her expenses with a great deal of caution. At the same time, you’re not expected to provide any financial assistance to girls you hardly know. You don’t have to buy them new smartphones and golden earrings. Don’t hesitate to refuse if you’re asked for something you’re not willing to give.

These were only some tips on how to improve your chances of having the best hookup in Peru and getting laid with a pretty local girl. All the best with your dating game!


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