Cuban hookup culture: how to get laid with a Cuban woman

Cuba has plenty of attractions for a foreign tourist, with beautiful local women being one of them. This country is famed around the globe for its classy cigars, vintage automobiles, Hemingway’s favourite rum and gorgeous local girls. Generally speaking, it’s a paradise on Earth for most men, with cheap, affordable prices, warm weather, spectacular coastline and love and romance in the air. Some of the most experienced and well travelled guys seriously consider Cuban girls the most attractive women on the planet. So it’s no wonder there are so many men flocking to the island longing to experience hookup culture in Cuba firsthand.

Meet attractive girls in Cuba to have a hookup with

What is the secret behind a Cuban woman’s attractiveness?

A typical Cuban girl is an interesting phenomenon. Of course, men from all over the globe are fascinated with Cuban women’s appearance, but there are plenty of exceedingly attractive ladies in the world who don’t possess that special Caribbean charm. It’s the passion, attitude to life, joyful and optimistic nature, and cheerful outlook that attracts women in Cuban girls. They are full of vital energy, and are ready to share it with anyone they associate in day to day life. That’s why so many pen are looking for the best way to get laid with a Cuban girl. In spite of challenging economic conditions in the country, they manage to dress well, to smile, to keep their spirit up and to live to the fullest.

Cuban women’s appearance

In spite of common stereotypes, there is no such thing as typical Cuban appearance. There is a difference between a Cuban girl you can meet in the USA and someone right from the heart of Havana. First of all, people in Cuba have a rich and diverse genetic pool. Here you can meet women who are as white as any Caucasian, and as black as Africans. There were representatives of different nations and racial types among their ancestors – from Spanish conquerors to Jamaican slaves. This resulted in very unique and interesting types of appearance among present day Cuban women.

First of all, they come in all shapes and sizes: tall and slim, short and curvy, with sand hourglass bodies, and so on. The majority of women have thick black or brown hair of medium length, straight nose and plump, juicy lips. Their eyes vary in colour from black to brown and grey. Most people in the country have excellent teeth, and a Cuban girl’s radiant smile is a pure delight. It looks especially attractive with their brownish skin. Yes, there are white girls in Havana and other cities of the country, but the majority of ladies do have skin that comes in all shades of brown. They are fairer than women in other countries of the region though.

The way of dressing is also very peculiar in Cuba. Generally speaking, Cuban girls don’t mind overly revealing outfits. They walk along the streets in shorts and crop tops, miniskirts and flowing dresses, figure hugging slacks, high heels and so on. With their posture and confident, alluring walk they are nothing short of astounding.

Yes, it’s not only appearance, but the way a Cuban girl presents herself that makes a man’s head turn. They also care a lot for brands and trends. But with an average salary in the country being equal twenty dollars, it’s no wonder most women can’t afford branded clothes. They are quite satisfies with affordable copies though.

As for make-up, they do like it, but good cosmetics are unavailable to the majority of Cuban women, unfortunately. They neither produce nor import high quality makeup products in the country. Only a small percentage of Cuban women have all the cosmetics products that women casually use in other parts of the world. However, Cuban women don’t worry about it that much – they manage to look beautiful with whatever limited resources they possess.

Meet Cuban girls for a quick and easy hookup on your trip to Cuba

Typical personality traits

As mentioned above, Cuban women are cheerful and optimistic. They are also friendly and easy-going, sociable and chatty. It’s easy for a foreigner to approach them – a Cuban girl is more than happy to introduce a westerner to a hookup culture in Cuba. They are also very hospitable, so you won’t experience any hostile attitude or rude behaviour.

You will easily start a conversation with a Cuban girl, have a date and get laid the very same day – Cuban women are really obsessed with American, European and Australian men. Having a relationship with a foreigner is considered prestigious. They also count on financial benefits, so be ready for tha when looking for the best way to get laid with a Cuban girl.

To make your experience with a Cuban girl a wonderful success, it’s highly recommended to learn some Spanish. Even a few phrases can make a dramatic difference. The majority of people on the island don’t speak English. But if you meet someone whose livelihood depends on tourism industry, most probably they will speak English to some extent.

Picking up girls in Cuba

The only issue you’ll have to deal with in this country lies within difficulties of choosing a girl to approach. There are too many attractive options in Havana and other cities. You’ll see alluring women virtually everywhere, with 95% of them begin happy to have a hookup with a foreigner. You can approach Cuban girls on the streets, in public buses (if you dare to use them), in cafes and bars, on the beach, in parks and gardens, and so on.

The chances are you’ll find the majority of them attractive and desirable if not for the faces, than for their bodies, and if not for their bodies, than for their cheerful nature. All you have to do is to approach a girl with a nice complement, and she’ll gladly start talking to you. Most probably you’ll get laid within 24 hours.

Hookup culture in Cuba in daytime

Warm, sunny weather in Cuba defines the local lifestyle. People in Cuba wake up early to enjoy the freshness of morning, so you could spot some girls going for a walk or even a jog in the local parks. Some of them even head to the beach from the very morning. One of the peculiarities that attract many foreigners in Cuban lifestyle is that the local people are never in a hurry.

They don’t rush, they don’t run, they don’t stress out – life is slow paced on the island, with people enjoying every moment of their day. The local lifestyle is pretty simple, and people take joy in talking to their neighbours, friends and family, playing cards, chess and domino, smoking cigars, watching soap opera and dancing, of course.

Women in Cuba don’t seem to be particularly busy. They do go to work and do their household chores, but at the same time they do it at their own pace. If you meet a Cuban girl on the market, she won’t rush home with her purchases to cook lunch or dinner as soon as possible. She’ll gladly talk and joke with you.

Best way to get laid with a Cuban girl and have a quick hookup in Havana

Women in Cuba are quite relaxed where physical intimacy is concerned, and most western men succeed in flirting and getting laid with them. Make sure to act in a bold and decisive manner, but keep it polite and respectful. No rudeness or aggression is acceptable. Women respect straightforward men who are good decision makers and real leaders in a romantic relationship. Flirting, prolonged eye contact, touches of hand, and joking makes for a winning strategy in Cuba.

Some o the best cities for picking up girls in daytime include Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa and Trinidad. It’s strongly recommended to visit large cities in Cuba as they boast a better infrastructure for tourists. Besides, there is a better chance of meeting English speaking girls in Havana than in a smaller city.

Daytime date ideas

Just walking along its charming streets and having a pleasant conversation with a Cuban hotties is a lovely date idea that you will be happy to implement. The old historical If you are trying to have a hookup in Havana, there are plenty of date ideas in this fantastic city with its hustle and bustle, historical heritage and multifaceted vibes.centre and Makecon are best suited for this kind of date.

You can also enjoy the greens of Central park or head to the beach – there are plenty of wonderful options in Havana.

Inviting a girl for a cup of coffee or an ice-cream is also a pleasant experience both of you are bound to enjoy. You can also invite her for a lunch or dinner in one of the cafes or restaurants. She can also invite you to dine at some relative’s place, but don’t be freaked out if you have to pay for this meal – lots of Cuban try to earn extra money by offering meals to foreigners.

You can also check out Havana’s famous attractions together: Gran Tearo de La Habana, Museum of the Revolution, Museo de Bellas Artes de Cuba and so on.

Similarly, you can check out interesting places in other cities by doing a little research before starting your hookup game.

Night time hookups in Cuba

Hookup culture is Cuba is mostly geared towards picking up girls in night clubs. If you’d like to have an idea of a typical Cuban nightclub, why don’t you watch a movie “Dirty Dancing 2 – Havana nights”. When Diego Luna’s character invites a blonde American club to experience the real Havana, he shows her a typical Cuban nightclub for the locals. So by all means head to a club like this and dance your night out!

Generally speaking, Cuban night life is fantastic. People are friendly and cheerful as a matter of course in Cuba, but at night it’s truly an extravert’s paradise – people socialize, joke, laugh, drink run and dance salsa. You’ll enjoy it even if you’re not really into parties and nightclubs. It’s impossible to feel lonely, awkward or out of place over there. Make sure to invite girls to dance with you even if you’re a lousy dancer. They’ll help you out!

Hookup culture in Cuba when you visit nightclubs and bars to meet pretty local girls

With fairly good chances hooking up in day time in Cuba, the opportunities to get laid skyrocket at night. For Cuban person, having sex with a new partner is like trying a new dish – no one is too prudish here. Girls enjoy good music and alcohol, so make sure to buy a nice cocktail for a woman you like. You won’t have to search for the best way to get laid after that – everything will happen on its own.

Party-goers are spoiled for choice in Cuban cities when it comes to nightclubs. Some of the best ones include Club el Iris, Disco Turquino, Casa de la Trova, El Floridita and Bello bar. Apart from dancing and flirting with girls, you can enjoy some legendary rum based drinks in these places. Smoking a good cigar is a must, too.

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Dating tips

Whether you’re interested in a quick and easy hookup or long term romantic relationship, there are certain things Cuban girls appreciate about a partner. Hookup culture is rather unique in Cuba, so you should make sure to learn the basics before you approach a hot Caribbean beauty that caught your eye. Here are a few things to take into account:

Project the values she respects

Generally speaking, Cuban women want a partner who is assertive, decisive, and confident. Sense of humour is extremely important, too. Cuban men are great lovers, and you will have to compete with them when getting laid with a girl in Havana or Trinidad. Make sure to do your best. Positive and optimistic attitude is a must when dating a Cuban girl – these women can’t stand brooding, introverted and reserved guys.

Get ready to pay for everything

Prices are relatively low in Cuba for someone from the USA, Western Europe, Australia or Canada. At the same time, the locals’ wages are ridiculously low, and it would be ridiculous to expect a woman to pay for her dinner, coffee or cocktail when she dates you. You’re also expected to pay for other things like tickets to the movie theatre, hotel rooms, gifts and so on. She may even ask you for some money after sex – but it’s not like you’re paying for her “services”. She’ll just request a certain amount for a new dress, a pair of shoes, a birthday gift for her auntie, her granny’s medicines and so on. Give it, why not? Even Cuban men give money to their girlfriend and one night stands.

An artificial flower is better than real

Women from all over the world are intrigued by the name of this paragraph. Yes, a Cuban woman will be glad to accept a plastic rose or tulip from you. Being a tropical country, Cuba is rich in flowering plants. You could make a lovely bouquet out of flowers that grow casually along the streets. However, things that come for free are not appreciated in Cuba, that’s why a plastic rose is more preferable – the money you spent when buying it proves that you’re serious about winning the girl’s affections.

Dress to impress

As mentioned above, people in Cuba adore branded clothes. If you wear something with a showy label of any popular brand, you’re half way to success. Even with their limited income, people in Cuba manage to dress with style. Girls make sure to match colours, to go for a trendy cut and to choose imposing accessories like huge earrings, showy belt, and eye catchy necklaces. Of course, no one expects you to wear a formal suit in order to impress a Cuban girl, but taking at least some trouble over your outfit is a must.

Always use condoms

It’s easy to hookup in Cub, but it’s also important to remember that sexually transmitted diseases are quaint common in the counry, too. You don’t know anything much about girl you get laid with after a few hours since you met her. However, you can switch back to no condom physical intimacy as soon as you get to know your partner better.

Beware of scammers

There are plenty of fraudsters, scammers and gold diggers in every country with a fair share of tourists coming in every year. But you don’t want to be one of their victims. So trust your guts, and if you feel you’re in the middle of a scam, don’t hesitate to walk off and start searching for your happiness elsewhere. This approach will allow you to hookup safely in any country.

By the way, if you don’t mind having a sugar baby in Cuba, it won’t be hard to arrange that. You may think it’s hardy affordable in the USA or Australia, but in Cuba you don’t have to be super rich in order to be Sugar Daddy. This is one of the many advantages of hookup culture in this country.

Learn some Spanish to pick up Cuban girls

As mentioned above, you’ll achieve your goals much faster if you speak a bit of Spanish. There are some great pick-up lines that will make it easier for you to approach a girl and put a smile on her face. Here are some of them:

  • Hola guapa, soy el Señor Correcto. Alguien dijo que me estabas buscando. – Hello beauty, I am Mister Right. I’ve heard you’ve been looking for me.
  • Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasar por delante otra vez? – Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you one more time?
  • Hola, acabo de darme cuenta de que te pareces mucho a mi siguiente novia. – Hello, it has just occurred to me that you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

These are just a few examples, but you’ve got the point.

Talking to girls online

Hooking up with Cuban girls in daytime, at night or online

Generally speaking, it’s great to talk to girls online before making a trip to a new country. You get to know women from a new culture and get the feel of what they are like in a relationship. Quite a lot of people enjoy online dating either on a regular basis or as a temporary stage before meeting a person face to face. The key here is to choose the best hookup apps.

However, it’s a bit complicated with Cuba as the country is a bit behind the time, and having a reliable and affordable internet connection is still a dream for the majority of people. And even if the connection is not a problem, a girl should have a computer, laptop or smartphone, which is not always the case. Modern technologies are not in common use in the country yet – most locals can’t afford this sort of luxury.

That said, things are changing in Cuba, and you can notice more and more Cubans typing a message on their phone rather than talking to a person they came to a park or cafe with. It means Cuban beauties finally have access to the internet, so you can contact them and make some good connections before you start approaching women on the streets.

One of the dating sites you need to check out is Latin American Cupid. It has a large database of girl from South and Central America, with a great many Cuban hotties among them.

When talking to a Cuban girl online, try to make your conversation interesting and diverse. There are plenty of communication tools you can use: video chats, SMS, instant messengers and so on. Don’t bother writing long and profound letters – Cuban hotties prefer to talk rather than write.

Before contacting girls, make sure you use a search tool – it will help you find women who have plenty in common with you. Write to several girls at the same time, some of them will stop writing after a little while, others won’t be of any interest to you.

When you come to Cuba, you won’t have to waste your valuable time approaching random women – you can meet the girls you’ve already charmed over the internet. Besides, talking to Cuban girls online has a few advantages:

You’ll be able to improve your Spanish

When you talk to a Cuban beauty online, you’ll end up improving your Spanish tremendously. Even if you don’t eventually hookup with a girl you were dating online, the language practice is a valuable experience you’ll inevitable be very grateful for.

It’s easier for shy guys

If you lack confidence, of picking up girls is simply not your thing, talking to a woman online is way much easier than approaching her in real life and following all the rules of hookup culture in Cuba. You can think in advance about everything you want to say in order to avoid awkward silence, you can talk about every subject under the sun, and you can gradually get the feel of what Cuban girls actually want and like.

It’s possible to become a part of a girl’s life

If your visit to Cuba doesn’t go beyond two weeks, it’s rather difficult to establish a special connection with a girl. Over the internet it’s way easier – you have all the time in the world. You can easily become an important part of a girl’s life if you talk to her on a daily basis.

These were only some ideas, tips and thoughts for you to make your Cuban adventure even more eventful and memorable. Have fun! The hookup culture in Cuba is something you’re bound to enjoy.


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