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3/17/2014 4:01:08 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Lincoln, IL
97, joined Jul. 2007

You really dont want to know mine.

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3/19/2014 1:34:28 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Over 1,000 Posts (1,057)
Morganton, NC
31, joined Mar. 2013

Dude you still play with a Ouija board??

3/30/2014 4:00:31 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 10,000 Posts!!! (18,924)
Eugene, OR
62, joined Mar. 2014

i wouldn't have one in my home. it isn't a toy.

i didn't believe in the supernatural until i was a witness to several events.

id like to write it off as just being nuts or having created it but i can't after what I've seen and experienced.

window blinds being played like a piano when there were no vents, wind or a draft to move them not just once but 3 times.

and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

4/5/2014 2:41:06 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Mansfield, OH
53, joined Oct. 2010

My late grandma was quite accurate with one. Too bad she never bothered to try to get lotto numbers because she was capable of getting the exact times when relatives would arrive for a visit down to the minute. It was uncanny and funny. The board told her that her brother would arrive that same night from his home in Florida at 11:58 and sure enough, ol' uncle Ed knocked on the door with his new bride in tow. Talk about being shocked. But what was really funny was when the board told grandma that bit of info she laughed at it and the board called spelled out, "You're stupid" and then went to goodbye. LOL I guess those spirits get agitated when you laugh at them, eh?

4/7/2014 10:36:17 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 2,000 Posts (2,554)
Latrobe, PA
60, joined Jun. 2008

My sisters and I had one when I was little (about 10) and ours used to swear at us all the time. And said dirty things. As an adult, I now realize that Ouijas attract low level spirits, and I never touched one again.

4/27/2014 3:33:57 AM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 10,000 Posts!!! (27,682)
Crete, IL
40, joined May. 2011

Used them over 20 years very helpful tool for me.

5/27/2014 9:24:05 AM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 7,500 Posts!! (8,754)
Mauldin, SC
43, joined Jul. 2013

My experiences have been a double edged sword

1. Good.
I learned the processes of the after life and how Limbo works. Me and 6 other friends spent a week on Xmas vacation, 1992. Writing 40 pages of paragraphed messages explaining particular stuff and some individual workings of guardian angels. Before then, I was not a believer. After, certain events occurred that compelled me to believe. When you see things you can't explain with other people witnessing the same thing, it changes your perspective.

2. Bad
Not everything is good. To the weak, it can plague you! You must be careful not to to get obsessed or it will follow you. The life we have, they want!! It is the drug by which the evil needs.

6/14/2014 10:48:27 AM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 1,000 Posts (1,988)
Saint-Laurent, QC
38, joined Mar. 2013

i played once,and the dog was barking like crazy until we told the spirit to stop f**king with the dog,while we were playing we had a TV set watching the winter olympics,and asked it to make a downhill skier fall,and right away dude fell breaking his legs

6/22/2014 1:48:53 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 10,000 Posts!!! (70,921)
Converse, TX
53, joined Dec. 2009

I would NEVER touch that thing.

6/24/2014 10:44:50 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 2,000 Posts (3,775)
Santa Clara, CA
55, joined Apr. 2011

A very long time ago when I was just out of high school my bff and I got out her Ouji board. We kept asking each other if we were making the planchette move...we both said no. Got an age and name of "supposed little girl. Then the phone rang. It was a close family friend who was psychic. Yelling at my friend's mother "tell the girls to put the board away now!" and then she said the "spirit" was lying to us. Well, we were creeped out. After that things would happen around the house. Mischievous not bad. My friend said they just figured it was the spirit of her grandfather who'd recently passed away. I found it annoying house sitting and having to shut off lights that kept turning on. The feeling of never being alone. Then stuff moving from one room to another. Nothing bad ever happened so we don't know who was playing the games.

6/26/2014 9:35:48 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Over 10,000 Posts!!! (279,494)
Assumption, IL
68, joined May. 2010

My best OuiJa board experience was when my young daughter decided, on her own, to throw hrs in the dumpster.

8/8/2014 11:13:22 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Batavia, NY
46, joined Jul. 2012

We had one when we were young. We started getting stupid with the thing. I gues the spirets wernt to happy. The darn oija flew across the room and got planted in the refridgerator. That was freeky

10/13/2014 7:00:37 AM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 1,000 Posts (1,606)
Conroe, TX
66, joined Apr. 2007

When I was in high school, I went to visit a friend overnight. We used the ouija in the front room. They had very long curtains over the windows. We asked to show us someone was there and the freekin curtain twitched very hard. We leaped up and left the board. Never used it again. Now, I understand how to deal with earthbound entities, I would love to use it again. I may make myself a board though. Just can't see spending the money on one when I am pretty crafty. I dowse now but it might be easier using a planchet with a window.

10/21/2014 10:12:24 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Over 10,000 Posts!!! (10,846)
Perry, IA
33, joined Jun. 2014

Quote from anywhereusa:
I would NEVER touch that thing.

10/22/2014 2:38:05 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Baton Rouge, LA
29, joined Mar. 2013

I don't use an ouija board - not my criteria

10/24/2014 8:48:46 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Over 10,000 Posts!!! (10,846)
Perry, IA
33, joined Jun. 2014

Not me

10/25/2014 10:07:47 AM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Marrero, LA
47, joined Aug. 2014

Nope not a toy

10/29/2014 8:21:21 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Cincinnati, OH
30, joined Sep. 2013

There are things far more cool/scary than a ouija board. Child's play. But careful what u wish for.

10/31/2014 8:12:34 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Over 1,000 Posts (1,273)
Melvindale, MI
41, joined Mar. 2012

I have never used an Ouija board.

11/17/2014 3:16:28 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Krum, TX
74, joined Jun. 2011

I used a Ouija Board when a teenager, when energy is strong. My father taught me but then he left me to my own learning. It is not a toy it is a tool. Respecting the energies is very important. A girl friend and I played with it one day, we were 13. First we each put a number on a piece of paper, we did not show each other the number we wrote. We folded the paper. We asked the Ouija to add the numbers. 3 times we did this and 3 times it gave the correct number. Pretty neat, I thought. So we asked if my sister would have a boy or girl. It Said she would have boys, 4 of them. She had 1 boy at the time and so wanted a girl. It was a boy and then she lost one at about 3 months gestation. She went on to have a 3rd live birth all boys. She totaled the 4 boys.

After the Ouija told us "4 boys", my friend became fearful and left. Her mother called and told my mother that my friend could not come back. That experience taught me that not every one understands that Gods creation is very complicated and there is more to it than only what we can see, touch, or feel, as the so called physical. We are created out of atoms. Atoms are energy. Does that make us energy beings?

11/17/2014 4:54:09 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  
Over 2,000 Posts (3,514)
Cicero, IL
42, joined Nov. 2012

I dunno. I did play Monopoly once.

12/1/2014 12:29:18 PM Tell us your best Ouija Board experience  

Pickens, SC
38, joined Apr. 2013

Sometimes, I will log in through my x-box 360.It uses a cursor operated by the controler(its own pain in the ass!)which is shaped like a ouija board planchet.It. even has the little window.
So what, right?
...So, I have been speaking to a woman exclusively, for three months, nearly, and whenever she does anything on here...the cursor goes ape-shit!
I'm trying to type and instead of moving the five spaces to the next letter, it shoots across the screen to something else?
Only with her, was using it forever before we met, no issue?