How to date models onlyand not to lower one’s standards

Why do average men want models?

Most of simple guys accept the formula, beauty is in the eye of beholder, and one’s hot wife always belongs to others. But it’s a coward position, as more as an ugly girl doesn’t guarantee you fidelity.

We all need to face reality that every man is a hunter by nature. It’s completely normal that we want the best catch we can get. There’s no such a definition as average man, we all have a winner inside. 

When we suddenly change a partner at mature age, we do not switch to an older woman with many flaws. We switch to a younger girl with a flawless body and pretty face, i.e. model-looking.

Relationship therapists suggest not to suppress one’s true nature, and to hook up hot girls regularly. It helps if your partner is understanding about such affairs, and it’s a must if you’re single. 

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What’s it like to date a top model?

Numerous dating blogs share the secrets of hookuping girls models. For the majority of men, it’s a positive experience especially if they’re wise enough to follow recommendations and common sense.

Myths of dating super models

The main obstacle is in our mind. We are trying to convince ourselves in advance, that being with a top model is costly and stressful since she’s so popular. Real cases show it’s often a false fear.

She’s shallow

Hey, not all models are Bimbos, and vise versa. A girl who managed to win some beauty contest, normally has very intelligent and many-sided hobbies. She also enjoys being involved with charity.

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She’s high maintenance

Only models who didn’t succeed at all in their career, rely on men in financial regard. Successful models are usually too ambitious and independent, it’s a basis of their persistence and victories.

She’s unfaithful

Top models are strictly disciplined by their schedule, conditions of the contract, healthy lifestyle, they do not behave like whores. Moreover, you can always choose a model who is a devoted Christian.

She wants model-looking guys

A girl sees very handsome and muscled glamorous guys every day on the photo shoots. She knows most of them are either gay or gigolo. Models report, they want a normal guy who would really care. 

The rules of being a model’s boyfriend

Ready to make the first steps? Then learn the top principles of dating a top model. These rules are gathered by dating experts and the models themselves, who want to be better understood.

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Value her personality

Girls models hear compliments about their physical appearance all day long. It makes them feel they consist of the body only, no matter how hard they try to show their soul and brains.

If you want to remain her boyfriend, focus on her personality. Travel with her, let her paint or draw, visit the shelters and orphanages with her if she’s into that. It will make her feel appreciated.

Share her plans for the future

Best models always dream big. Do not stop her fantasies, rather help them become real. If she dreams to relocate, research the possibilities, if she wants to produce things, compose the business plan.

Forget the insecurities

She’s a star, and so should you be. Do not become restless of jealousy, do not nurture your weaknesses, but enjoy being a princess’ beloved. You’re a winner of a kind, so develop this self-perception.

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Tips on finding a sexy model to settle down with

There’s no need to chase top famous Los Angeles models who are often unreachable and already taken. There are model agencies in each country, each big city in the world, and chances are high everywhere.

Eastern European girls have a tendency to look like models and stay in shape. Moreover, thousands of them manage to start a career and travel for photoshoots feeding all their family.

Those are decent girls with great values, and their professional choice doesn’t spoil them at all. They remain down-to-earth out of the studio, wear casual clothes, do their household chores diligently.

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Asian models are often a good choice too. Surprisingly, it’s better to choose hot girls from wealthy countries like Singapore, since they’re self-sufficient and don’t need a sponsor.

African models are considered the most stunning in the world. The ones who combine black skin color with European facial features, look very exotic and refined. Their sexiness is breathtaking!

Reportedly, black models are extremely grateful to a man who would protect them from predators in model business. Girls who have a western boyfriend, are chased less and reach success easier. 

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