Sex tourism became common nowadays when the concept of marriage seems too restricting to singles. But seeking intimacy in the unknown environment makes us vulnerable, and safety rules are needed. 

Hot women of any nationality are interested in casual sex, with their own cultural nuances. Top dating experts teach us to spot the most trustworthy girls online, and visit them at mutual pleasure. 

Worldwide hookup
Hot couple – first night hookup

It isn’t hard to do at all, if to learn just a few basic facts about each country you may be interested in, and keep on following experienced travelers’ recommendations. Protect your trip well! 

Hookups in Asia: best dating tips

We all consider Asian girls sexy. Is there any way to get casual with them with a big guarantee of safety? Poorer countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, should be pre-explored before visiting. 

Asian countries vary a lot, and surely not all of them are equally safe. Japan and South Korea, for example, are considered the least criminal territories, while the Philippines demand some caution. 

All those underdeveloped countries are top touristic places, nonetheless, so people often share their experience and lifehacks for hookuping there with the utmost result. In short, you aren’t alone! 

It’s completely possible to save up a lot by renting a small box for one person instead of a spacious bungalow, using the low-cost airplane flights, eating the street food which is very yummy in Asia. 

Hookup in Asia
Asian woman texting in dating app

It’s quite common that your Asian girlfriend is happy with such modest options as well. But badly provided Asian men may not be that happy seeing you so satisfied with your travel money and their girls. 

Do not judge them too strictly, the economy in the Philippines, for example, is so lousy that men should do crazy things for a survival. Even the ladyboy thing is caused by this financial disaster. 

So keep calm, use hidden pockets for your wallet, have a pepper spray with you everywhere you go, pretend there is a big company of friends somewhere near, and you’ll always be protected.

Keep in mind that sober Asian men are mostly too coward to hurt a foreigner, especially if that is an American citizen. Their police cares a lot about the touristic business and western tourists’ peace.

Most popular countries for Hookup in Asia

  1. Singapore
  2. China
  3. Thai
  4. Japan
  5. Taiwan

Hookups in Latin American countries 

Latin beauties are absolutely gorgeous. But we all know Latino people aren’t as reserved and introverted as Asian folks. On the opposite, they’re emotional, and it can create problems at times. 

Many westerners prefer to spend their vacations in Mexico, and it’s among top touristic places in the world. Enjoy its advantages then, instead of provoking the locals. Eat well and hookup in central districts. 

Latin woman and American man

The usual tips with hidden pockets will help too, but the most importantly, be humble and show respect towards Mexican men. They’ll be flattered, and provide you with some friendly bodyguarding. 

Brazil is much the same. One cannot be that light-headed and confident in Venezuela though. It’s officially one of the most dangerous places, but you’ll be surprised, many hookup successfully there

How is it possible? Rent a bike, don’t carry the costly stuff with you, and never rely on locals. Find some western buddy who lives there, in advance, and he’ll make sure you are well protected. 

Top Latin countries for Hookup

  1. Brazil
  2. Colombia
  3. Argentina
  4. Peru

Casual dating in Russia and Ukraine

Today, it’s hard to find the places in Eastern Europe that’ll be dangerous like in early post-Soviet times. Russian women are the most beautiful and everyone knows that, but some basic tips are needed. 

In each big Russian or Ukrainian city, there is some district in the suburbs where the poorest people live. That’s why travel experts recommend to never choose low-budget options for renting in Russia.

The lowest price usually means you’ll live exactly in such a non-safe district, that is badly controlled by the police. Rent somewhere in the downtown, even if not in the very center. 

Sexy Russian woman in bikini

Date and hookup Russian girls who look naturally beautiful but wear modest outfits in the photos. If you choose glamorously and fashionable looking girls, it can mean they’re shopping hunters. 

Four-star hotels in Ukraine and Russia are always the best choice, as well as walking and partying in popular touristic areas. Keep the wallet in your hand and avoid the street beggars though. 

That’s all dating specialists mention among the vital tips for foreigners. There’s nothing easier than following such simple recommendations, and hookuping the hottest Russian girl in Moscow.  

Top cities in Ukraine for Hookup

  1. Odessa
  2. Donetsk
  3. Simferopol
  4. Zaporozje
  5. Nikolaev
  6. Rovno
  7. Lugansk
  8. Kherson
  9. Kirovograd
  10. Dnepropetrovsk