Best online hookup sites: does eHarmony qualify?

eHarmony’s founders promote this dating app as a platform for finding a partner for long term romantic relationship. Here you’ll find a compatible person with similar interests and lifestyle to share our life with. If you’re tired of loneliness, if you’d like to find your soul mate and never look back, eHarmony is your kind of dating app. Everything about it is geared towards finding a person’s perfect match. But it doesn’t mean eHarmony can’t be counted as one of the best online hookup sites.

Find quick hookups and long lasting relationships on the eHarmony dting app

Casual hookups on eHarmony are prolific on this dating app, and you can easily find someone for a short fling. Both men and women love to have fun, and there is nothing wrong in finding someone for a short term relationship, a few dates or even a one night stand. Life is extremely diverse, and so is every human being. If you need a casual hookup during this period of your life, by all means go online and get it. There are lots of dating apps offering this option, and eHarmony is no exception.

But why should you choose eHarmny over other dating and hookup apps like Tinder, Match, Mamba, Hinge, Zoosk and so on? Well, for one thing, it was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a professional psychologist who was determined to desin a better matching strategy for people looking for love and marriage. According to statistics, the app forms more than fifteen million matches a day, and a great deal of these couples end up getting married.

EHarmony was created with a scientific approach in mind. The creators claim to understand what makes a romantic relationship successful, and the app’s unique search algorithm does seem to give better results.

The site is known to have a very good reputation, and it’s highly recommended to those looking for a long term commitment or an instant hookup.

What is the signing up process like on this hookup app?

It will take you a while to get registered with eHarmony. With many best online hookup sites like Bumble, for example, one can start browsing through profiles within minute upon creating their account. It’s not like that with eHarmony. The app makes sure to source as much information as possible from a potential user before allowing them accessing its database of profiles. Is it a good thing? Undoubtedly so. It may take you a bit longer to sign up, but at least you can be sure the app eliminates a great deal of fraudster, spammers, scammers and swindlers.

Registration process involves signing up either with your email address of Facebook account. No matter which option you choose, you are going to pass a personality test, which helps the app to access your character strengths. You’ll have to answer some questions to let them know what course of action you would take in a particular situation.

There are also compatibility quizzes that shed some light on an ideal person you are looking for on the best online hookup sights. Here you can be specific about their nationality, height and weight, eyes and hair color, body type, occupation and so on.

After you finish with tests and quizzes, it’s time to upload your photo. Make sure it’s a high quality image with your face recognizable and clearly visible. You should be alone in the photo (not with a group of friend, family members or colleagues). By all means avoid messy backgrounds if it’s your room and unattractive locations if it’s outdoors. Pictures with other women are unacceptable even if they are your sisters or best friends.

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Use the best online hookup sites like eHarmony for short flings and fun dating

Making contacts on eHarmony

Messaging features are limited on the eHarmony dating app, and you’ll have to upgrade to premium membership in order to send personal messages to other users. If you’re on a free plan, you’ll have an option to send up to five automaticall generated questions to women you wouldn’t mind hooking up with. If they choose to reply, you can continue having a conversation.

Other than that, you can’t reply personal messages you receive or contact other members until you upgrade your profile to the premium plan. However, you can send expressions of interest and add members to the list of your favourites.

There is also no way to see whether people are online at the moment when you browse through profiles. This is not very convenient if you’re hoping to have a quick hookup tonight. You can only see the online/offline statues of potential matches proposed by the app. If you don’t like these matches, you have to wait until your list gets updated. If you find this inconvenient and time consuming, the only way to meet people outside your list is to get upgraded to premium.

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of a search tool. Use it to eliminate profiles you are not interested in – the filters will save you lots of time!

Searching for a perfect match with a casual hookup in mind

eHarmony is undoubtedly one of the best online hookup sites when it comes to forming matches. Other apps tend to create random matches because of lack of information in users’ profiles. With eHarmony, your experience is absolutely different. As mentioned above, you’re supposed to fill in all the profile fields in order to get registered.

Apart from tests and quizzes, there is also an “about me” section on your eHarmoy profile where you can describe yourself the way you like. The majority of profiles on this dating and hookup app are very detailed and informative. There is also a special tab that shows you compatible you are with your potential match based upon the information in your profiles.

Casual hookup on eHarmony and other online hookup dating sites

Special features to diversify your experience on eHarmony

There is a bunch of interesting features on all the best online hookup sites, and eHarmony is no exception. These features fill help you have an exciting and diverse experience on this dating app. Here are some of the features we would recommend to try:

Send a smile

There is a tiny smile button under each profile in your match list. If you press it, a person will know you like them. They can smile at you back or send you a message. This is a great way to initiate a conversation without any ice-breakers or pick up lines.

Send a question

As mentioned above, eHarmony allows you to send people randomly generated questions. It’s very similar to the “send a smile” feature, but with an interesting question you’re taking this one step further. Lots of contacts are initiated on the eHarmony dating app thanks to this app, so it’s not recommended to ignore it.

Add to Favourites

You can build up your list of favourites on eHarnomy. This feature is common for all the best online hookup sites. It’s very easy to add a person to this list – all you have to do is click the star icon on a person’s profile. Having a good list of favourites is extremely convenient – you can come back here every time you try to establish a new contact with a quick hookup or dating in mind.

What if

This feature is available only for premium members. You’re given thirty matches extra to add to your list of preferences. This way you maximise your chances of meeting someone really special for a casual hookup or a long lasting relationship.

Video Date

 This feature allows you to set up a video date with a potential match in order to get to know them better even before you meet them face to face in real life.

Is eHarmony affordable?

Simply put, yes. Unlike the Raya dating app, for example, eHarmony allows its users to have a free plan. However, if you’d like to enjoy special features and make your experience on the app even more memorable, it’s recommended to upgrade to premium membership. They offer you three option: light, plus and extra. The cost of this app is not high considering what you get in return.

In a whole, the eHarmony dating platform is definitely worth a try. Use it for instant hookups or lifelong relationships, it’s just the question of priorities, and there is always someone on eHarmony for everyone.


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    1. Watkins August 27, 2021 at 9:11 pm

      These paid membership dating sites also have better user profiles, which are updated on a regular basis.

      1. Flora November 27, 2021 at 12:16 am

        It is best to do some research on each of these services before committing to any one of them.

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      If you’re new to online dating, you’re going to want to browse the profiles for a while.

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      Dating apps have become huge phenomena in the last few years.

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    A quick perusal of most online dating profiles shows that a large number of hook-ups happened within Facebook.

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    Usability for iPhones and Android: An excellent example of a dating app that allows for you to use it anywhere, with your current smartphone or tablet.

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    Dating app that promises to expand your search by letting you specify criteria such as location, age, hair color, occupation, and interests is another enticing hookup apps.

  6. Mack August 11, 2021 at 11:09 am

    A lot depends on what you’re looking for, such as whether you’re looking for casual dates or serious relationships.

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    One of the most popular hookup apps is swiping.

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    In addition, you have the ability to expand your account with more women once you get a handle on who is the best match.

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    For example, there is the instant hookup app, which has already been banned in a lot of schools and universities.

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    Also, since hookup apps are mostly flash based and fun to use, they tend to lag behind real conversations when it comes to speed.

  12. Rosie August 20, 2021 at 12:17 am

    Whatever you choose, make sure that it is safe and free from any fraudulent elements.

  13. Reid August 21, 2021 at 12:19 pm

    As someone who has dabbled with chat rooms, I can tell you that they often don’t give singles the type of quality experience they need.

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    The more singles there are on a site, the greater the chances that one of them will hookup with you.

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