SeekingArrangement for you: a guide on how to get a hookup

If you’re wondering how to get a hookup on a dating app, the key is to choose the right sort of platform. SeekingArrangement, for example, is a wonderful website, and one of the few websites on the planet that genuinely allows people from different financial backgrounds to meet with and interact with each other.

This sort of site is called a ‘sugar dating site’, but we dislike applying a term so fraught with potentially negative connotations to Seeking Arrangement, as there are a lot of wonderful people there seeking a genuine connection with another human being.

Yes, there are men and women from extremely wealthy backgrounds, and yes, they are willing to support the needs of a partner, but the impression we walked away with was of a group of sensitive and clever people who were human beings who were in need of understanding and support, and who just happened to be wealthy.

Find sugar babies on the SeekingArrangement dting app for casual hookups

SeekingArrangement’s philosophy and policies

Yes, there are a lot of ‘sugar babies’ on the site, and some of them are mercenary. But there, again, we also found a lot of very genuine people seeking a real connection with another person.

The bottom line is that the site promotes honesty. There’s a considerable focus in the sign-up process upon talking about what you really want and need from another person, and this keeps expectations realistic. On other sites like Mamba or Huggle there are lots of sugar babes as well, but they are usually qualified as scammers.

And yet the site surprises one. After all, it’s a sugar daddy site, or meant to be one. But when you read profiles on the site, you are so pleasantly surprised – you find people genuinely talking about wanting an emotional connection with another human being, of needing warmth and good conversation. There’s certainly an element of financial support as well – it’s just as genuinely there, but it is downplayed. It’s not only about how to get a hookup with a sugar baby.

Another thing that is very refreshing is the complete lack of hypocrisy on the site – in traditional dating, there’s still a strong element of men paying women’s bills, and buying them presents and so on, but it’s all cloaked under a thin veneer of hypocrisy. Not on SeekingArrangement, where all expectations are above board. Whether what is expected is a casual encounter or a long term relationship, the simply honest promoted on the site is very refreshing, and creates a very positive atmosphere.

Specific niche of the SeekingArrangement hookup app

SeekingArrangement is certainly a site that caters to a specific niche. As a matter of fact, a person who doesn’t know much about the site and who just happens to find it on the internet might be a little daunted by the concept, or consider the premise of the site more than a little mercenary.

In reality, it is anything but. Need emotional support while going through a difficult period in life? You can find people on the site to reach out to you. Do you need an investor to support the next phase of your career? You could possibly find one on the site. Do you need a more experienced person to be a mentor to you? You could find one on the site.

It’s entirely not true that the site is about what one might at first think it is about – that being, ‘relationships for money.’ Yes, that’s certainly available on the site as well, but even there, those on the receiving end, the so called ‘sugar babies, ‘ keep their self respect, make it very clear that they’re not simply offering sexual favours for ‘gifts’, that they have to be treated with respect, and require a relationship.

So, all in all, the site simplifies what might have been a very complex system, and most of all, allows people from very different ‘classes of society’ to reach out to each other. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking to make important contacts and expand your network, SeekingArrangement is a wonderful site for you. You’ll learn how to get a hookup in no time.

Join the SeekingArrangement to learn how to get a hookup with sugar babies

Types of relationships promoted on the app

As we said, not all the relationships on the site are sexual. Sometimes, older and more successful people just need to have someone around who looks up to and admires them, and whom they can care for. At other times, older people might be going through a particularly difficult phase in life, and the site allows them to find younger and more resilient people to form relationships with, and who can help them through that phase.

One indicator of how careful the site it to foster genuine relationships is that sexually explicit language is not allowed on the site, nor are more financially successful members allowed to request sex directly on their profiles. No member is allowed to specify specific amounts of money, or engage in direct commercial activities of any sort.

That said, the entire design of the site, and the terminology used presents a completely different picture. The site clearly markets itself as a ‘relationships for money’ system. There are two possible roles that you can take on onsite, these being that of a sugar daddy – or sugar mommy, or that of a sugar baby.

The site’s design also seems to be oriented towards men, showing, for example, a man in a suit with an attractive woman on his arm, or by putting up articles on ‘hypergamy’, which is a claim that women are attracted to financially well-off men. In reality, even on the site, there seem to be a lot of successful women looking for partners who will give them emotional support, and certainly not all the women on the site are simply willing to trade sexual favours or companionship to a successful man. They are also interested in learning how to get a hookup on this site – it’s not only about romantic relationships with younger men.

What does the app have to offer?

So what does the site offer a rich or successful man – or woman? Sex is part of the picture, of course, but far more important than that are hassle-free relationships. Think about it. If you’re a successful man or woman and date a person from your own financial and social circle, you have to put up with moods and temper and who knows what else.

A person who depends upon you for financial support is that much less likely to harass you. What do you get? You get all the benefits of a wonderful relationship with a very attractive person – without any of the negatives. No temper tantrums, no sulking.

Another big advantage of the site is the facility to date across age groups. If you’re a person in their forties, for example, whether you happen to be a man or a woman, and you want to date a person in their twenties, you can do so. The same advantage applies the other way around.

If you’re a particularly intelligent and mature young person, you may not always fit in well with your own age group, and may find an older and more mature person a refreshing change. Society classifies people by age, but, in doing so, it often does them a disservice, not allowing them to interact with potential partners they might otherwise form relationships with.

Find casual hookups on the SeekingArrangement dating website

The site’s financially successful members often have access to considerable incomes and have a sizeable net worth. They are also often highly educated, and people of refinement and culture. They have vast reserves of experience, as well.

And yet they can sometimes be lonely, or divorced, or separated, so they wonder how to get a hookup, or, if they are lucky, a long lasting relationship on a dating app. Successful members are usually looking for a caring and affectionate partner to share an extraordinary lifestyle – they seek love, and a strong emotional bond, and bring to the table not only their resources, but also the culture and experience they represent.

They can not only introduce a young person to an entirely different world, but can often advance and mentor a young person, and help them to advance their careers. It might interest ‘sugar babies’, or rather, ‘Attractive Members,’ as the site prefers to term them, that two of the tags one can add to one’s profile, regarding what one is seeking from a Successful Member, are ‘Mentor’, and ‘Investor’.

Photographs that you can upload

As a premium Successful Member, you can choose not to upload any photographs at all. As an Attractive Member, uploading a picture and completing your profile instantly allows you to contact other members of the site. Nudity is, of course, not allowed. You are advised to upload pictures that show your face

The Search Function

The site has a powerful search engine, one of the most comprehensive of all those used on the best dating apps that we have examined. There is a whole slew of filters, among which is a keyword filter and a filter that brings up people whose preferences in partners match your criteria. This makes it very easy to find people that one might be interested in.

The search function can be centred on any location in the world, and can be expanded from that location to the extent of your choice, ranging from a circle of sixty kilometres around the city of your choice, to a vast area covered by a circle with a radius of eighteen hundred kilometres. So, if you’re searching for a date in your immediate area, or a long-term soul-mate you are willing to go some distance to encounter, the site can accommodate itself to your wishes.

The filters cover everything from physical characteristics to education, language, relationship status, ethnicity, children, net worth, income, and much more – they also include the ability to not show members who are searching for particular characteristics. So, if you are searching for a no-strings relationship, you would make the search not show members searching for an ‘emotional connection,’ and so on. That was just an example of just how versatile the search function actually is.

All in all, the importance of a search tool can hardly be overestimated if you wonder how to get a hookup on the SeekingArrangement dating app.

Free and Paid Memberships

Do note that many of these search filters are not available to free members. This is not to say that the search for free members is crippled – it is not. You can still search by location, and narrow or widen your search area, and you still have the option to search via physical characteristics, or to block members who are seeking an attribute that you do not offer. So the search is quite functional even for free profiles.

Premium or paid members, on the other hand, have access to searches based on ethnicity, net worth, and income.

Since Successful and Attractive members each come from different income groups, there are plans that cater to each. Attractive Members get a free membership for three months if they simply put in a profile picture and complete all the fields of their profile.

Successful Members need to pay more, obviously. The paid option is very affordable if you choose the Premium option. If you choose to opt for the more expensive ‘Diamond’ option, it obviously comes with a whole slew of features, such as your identity and worth being verified to Attractive Members, special featuring in searches by the same, and a badge on your profile that it bound to attract Attractive Members to it.

It is, in our opinion, extremely worthwhile. These sorts of members don’t have to wonder how to get a hookup – they manage to get laid in no time.

Find hookups and long lasting relationships on the SeekingArrangement dting app

Premium subscription for free

Discussing free and paid memberships brings us to an interesting offer the site brings to its Attractive Members. If you can sign on to the site with a university email address – this is an email address that ends in ‘.edu’, the site will upgrade you to a premium subscription entirely for free! This is something you would never find on Tinder, Match or Zoosk.

That offer – and the fact that it focuses on students working towards a degree – underscores a lot of what the site is about – people in more advantaged positions in society lending a hand to those who are less privileged. Let me underscore that with a success story.

One ‘Successful Member’ paid for the tuition of an ‘Attractive Member’ all through her time in University, and after she graduated, mentored her, and was even eventually present at her wedding. That underscores what this site is about, as well as the way relationships have evolved to be in the present age. Both the Successful Member and the Attractive Member engaged in a mutually beneficial arrangement, one that lasted for years.

Would she have got through University without him? Possibly, yes, but only with years of labour and suffering, and then again, she may have failed at the last. Perhaps some struggle to make ends meet would have ended with her abandoning her degree – not everyone is able to win a scholarship, after all. But the arrangement between these members smoothed her path through life, gave mutual satisfaction to both, and we are sure that both still look back on those years with the same mutual satisfaction.

This example, and this arrangement that these two members came to, really exemplifies the spirit of SeekingArrangement, and what it can accomplish in your life. Do you still wonder how to get a hookup here? Join the app right away and let wonderful thing happen in your life!


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