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Argentina is easily one of the most pleasant countries in the world. It seems that everything is nice and beautiful here, and the women are not the least. Latina women are generally a subject of worldwide adoring for their heat and attractiveness. But the Argentinean women are top-notch among them, subjectively speaking, of course. So, if you wanted to venture to South America and make some quick hookups — Argentina is your destination.

Not only are they arguably one of the most beautiful on the continent, but they may also very well be more demanding and hard to hook up for several reasons. And these reasons are more or less justified, let’s see why.

Argentinean hookup

The local women are something you should definitely pay your attention to while in Argentina (of course, if you travel with hopes for quick hookups now and then). But it’s not as easy to even get to the country for most people. Even if you live in the United States, there are tons of obstacles you should overcome before finally getting to know Argentinean ladies better.

But even when you do, there are still challenges. Not least of them is a large competition, for instance.

What should you like the Argentineans for?

One of the first things you notice about the Argentineans is their passion. Sure, this feature belongs to all the Latinos and Spaniards, but in the case of Argentina it somehow shows so much more. For instance, you could remember that the one thing all Argentineans do at least once in a while is dancing, specifically — dancing tango.

It’s just one example, but it shows that Argentineans do everything with expression, including dating. The thing you’ll undoubtedly learn if you ever venture to this country for some quick hookups.

Physical appearance

On the other hand, there’s also general attractiveness. Not only is there this classic Southern beauty, but also fitness in these people. As you know, apart from dancing the Argentineans also like to play football and so other sports and activities, and it says something

There is also data saying that only 60 out of 100 locals use the Internet on a regular basis, which may or may not tell you that they like to spend their time outside rather than inside. Surely, there’s no lack of Internet in this country, it’s pretty developed in all terms, unlike many other Latin American countries.

Why it may be hard to hookup the Argentineans?

See, if you think that you are the only one who would want to date the local ladies, you aren’t correct. Local men, for one, are the main source of competition. Unlike some other places in the world, the men here aren’t much behind the ladies in terms of looking good. In theory, it can mean that the Argentinean ladies are more demanding than usual — because they get better partners on average.

But that only works if you’re dealing with a highly mercantile person. You can, of course, encounter the instances of a woman rejecting you because she knows someone who looks better, but it’s hardly universal.

So, if you planned to go to Argentina for such quick hookups, it may not work as intended. All things considered, there are still several optimal ways to approach the issue for you to choose. Of course, you can always just go with the flow without much planning, and it’s a good way. But caution may be needed here.

How widespread is the hookup culture here

Obviously, in some places, it’s impossible to simply hookup someone because there’s no such concept as the hookup culture – like in most areas of Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. You may spontaneously approach a lady there, and she won’t seem to like the prospect of spending night with you. If it’s very wide-spread a nation, then the country you’re visiting doesn’t have the hookup culture. It’s simple.

The Argentineans, on the other hand, not so much have a hookup culture as respect for a good romance. They are from Latin America, after all. If you manage to get into a relationship here, it’ll be a very passionate one, you can count on that.

As for the one-nighters, it’s pretty widespread here, especially in the capital and on weekends.

Image of Argentinean beauties

What’s special about Argentineans?

Just from the top of the head, there are several causes for not going to Argentina just to get some quick hookups. It’s far away, it’s not really an English-speaking country, and it’s not terribly cheap. If the goal is to date the Latin Americans, why not come to Brazil or Mexico instead?

Well, in the case of Brazil, Mexico, or almost any other country in the region, you’ll get virtually the same issues, but you’ll also get less comfort. If you’re set before the choice of either going to Brazil or Argentina (the two countries with, arguably, the best-looking women on the continent), it’s best to come to the latter. 

The reason behind it is that the people here are much more modern and more provided, meaning they are closer in terms of the mind-set to the Europeans and the folks from the United States. They frequently use the Internet, they speak more English than on average in the South America and they largely have more open private lives.

How to hookup them

In terms of the optimal approach, there are two candidates for the title, but they are somewhat interchangeable, so you need to pick one. It all starts with a hookup app, which you may or may not use, but it’s better to use one for a number of reasons:

  1. There’s no saying if a woman you lay an eye on even speak English, but the apps usually let you know or allow you to figure it out without contacting the person. And even if she eventually doesn’t speak English very well, it’s easily amenable;
  2. Having a profile on a hookup or dating app implies looking for a partner. Thus, it saves you from the uncomfortable search and awkward mistakes;
  3. The principle of quick hookups online implies that you can see if a person is to your liking without even talking to them — via the picture and the other information on the profile. So, if a person is disinterested, she’ll probably let you know and save you both time

The first way

After you’ve installed an app, it’s time to decide whether you want to perform some quick hookups or you want a bit more lengthy relationship. It all highly depends on whether you find a partner that also wants just a quick romance or if you’ll find someone who shares your interests and opinions. 

The lengthier relationship is probably an optimal choice if you see that a hot Argentinean you’ve hooked up is interested in you as a person. Apart from quenching this interest, you’ll also be able to give her an experience of dating a foreigner, especially if you come from the Western world. And this moment must not be underestimated. One of the staples of the relationship is staying interesting to each other, and this fact may help you.

Of course, if you don’t mean to build an actually long relationship, it may prove hard to stop it. Not many people can afford to stay in another country for a long time just to sustain the relationship, and not many people want to. But if you’ll be able to sustain it for the entirety of your vacation and then end it on a good note — it will be legendary.

Another way

Another way is just one of the classic quick hookups, of course. The disadvantage of it, as mentioned, is an uncomfortable amount of competition. But if you approach it via the app, it won’t be as much of a problem. Hooking through an app means there will be a one-on-one conversation with no one else in sight, so it’s clearly an advantage.

There is a disadvantage, too. If you choose to hookup someone with such a method, it may feel awkward to set up a date just for one night. It will be less awkward if you state your intentions from get-go, but the feeling may not vanish. On the other hand, you’re also giving your partner a means to contact you if something goes ill (for the better or worse).

Image of a dating couple

Where to hookup

Argentina is a vast country with plenty of fine cities to visit on your trip. But if it’s your first time coming there, just stick to the capital Buenos Aires. It’s much similar to fly here than any other town, it has all the comforts and it’s probably the closest country has to a night-city, where you can practice some quick hookups on people who aren’t all too opposed to the idea of being around you for the night.

The capital is full of bars, clubs, and other public places, but if you want something more active and maybe even romantic, there is, in fact, an abundance of the less chaotic establishments like dancing halls and parks. They are also quite popular among the locals, so don’t scoff on them.

To be fair, Buenos Aires is home to 3 million people, you’ll surely find at least one person with whom you’ll be able to build at least some semblance of a bond and spend some time together.

In conclusion

Argentina is truly a peculiar place with peculiar people, but it’s also one of the best countries to visit in Latin America, be that for the purposes of tourism, or to get some quick hookups. Though, of course, if you want to hookup someone — you’ll need to get mentally prepared first, and maybe get yourself an app.

All in all, that’s pretty much it for the Argentinean ladies. If you want to know more about dating Latin Americans, you can read another article with the same subject. You can also give a chance to the video below if you’re tired of reading:

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