Real free hookups in Yemen: Get laid in Yemen

Yemen is a country that does not really welcome a hookup culture. It is connected with their religious prejudices and family values. Of course, you can always find some exceptions out of that but it is extremely difficult. Besides, getting laid in Yemen can be actually risky.

Young Yemeni woman posing in a costume

To start with, you should understand that this is an Arab country. It means that the majority of Yemeni women are meant to get married to males their parents choose for them. Therefore, having a casual hookup with a foreigner is absolutely forbidden.

However, if you still are willing to take a risk to get laid in Yemen, there are some ways out there. Although, you should realize that there are many places in the world for more lucky hookups.

Avoiding a disapproving look

The first thing you are going to notice is that you cannot just come up to a Yemeni lady to get acquainted. The reaction you are going to get for doing so is not the most pleasant thing. Be ready that people around you will immediately try to judge you.

Surely, this risk is not so significant if you hookup in Sana, the capital of the country. However, it does not mean that there are not traditional people. Besides, your appearance will quickly expose you as a foreigner. This is going to attract even more attention to you.

Therefore, try not to meet Yemeni women during the daytime, as it is a bad idea because of local mentality. Yemeni people will simply not understand your move and it may lead to some consequences instead of real free hookups in this country.

Places to get laid in Sana

Well, this is the best city for you to travel around if you still want to get laid in Yemen. This is also the largest city with a population of almost 4 million people. So, it is easy to guess that there are some worth visiting nightclubs, bars, and discos in this city.

Make sure to visit the following places in Sana:

  • Alsenbad Hall;
  • Al Bustan’s Club;
  • Jemul Semi.

Remember that such places are not really welcomed in Yemen. Therefore, the majority of them are hidden and considered being underground. So, keep that in mind all the time. Moreover, Sana is not in the list of the most popular cities for hookups and you should also bear that in your mind.

Do Yemeni women want a casual hookup?

Unfortunately, the biggest part of local ladies are actually into all these family and religious values. Even a younger generation still prefer to find only one romantic partner to stick with him/her until the rest of the days.

Besides, the laws of the country are quite severe. You can be punished for having sexual relationships with random strangers. That is why a lot of Yemeni women prefer to stick to their traditions even today.

The chance of getting laid with a Yemeni girl gets bigger only when you meet an exceptional one. There are some females in the country who can choose their romantic partners themselves. So, bear that in mind and always check what her background is to find that out.

Charming Yemeni lady posing for a camera

Catching STDs in Yemen

Considering the previous paragraph, you can understand that catching any kind of STDs in Yemen is unlikely. However, if you are lucky to hookup a Yemeni woman, make sure to wear a condom anyway.

Final hookup tips

Since Yemen is at war nowadays, it is highly recommended not to visit this country until it is over. This place cannot be called a safe one, especially if you travel all alone.

If you are ready to take this risk, try to stay safe because foreigners are often kidnapped in this country. So, your romantic journey may end up being a nightmare after all.


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