Casual sex hookups in Syria: Getting laid in Syria

Trying to get laid in Syria can be one of the most difficult tasks in your life ever. There are just too many problems on your way to success. First of all, you should understand that Syrian women are not into casual sex hookups with strangers. Secondly, they are too into family and religious values.

Nonetheless, we all live in the modern fast-developing world where everything is possible. If you happen to be looking for Syrian hookup, you definitely need to learn some rules in advance. Many of them are connected with the way their mentality works.

Getting laid in Syria is not the same as hooking up in other places since your previous tactics are worthless. Instead, you have to develop a new approach and hope for a better luck. Keep reading to find out what is your chance of having a hookup in Syria.

The way Syrian women live

It is needless to say that the vast majority of Syrian people are extremely religious. This also prevents you from getting laid in this country that easily. You will not be able to approach any beautiful Syrian girl you have spotted. Besides, having a real-life date there is problematic.

Therefore, you should literally forget about having quick hookups in Syria. Instead, you will have to look for Syrian women with more modern views. The biggest part of them live in the biggest cities such as Damascus or Aleppo.

However, visiting these two cities can be as dangerous as efficient in terms of hooking up. Many foreigners have heard about the Syrian civil war going on around. Be careful if you decide to visit those cities all by yourself.

General chances of hooking up in Syria

Stunning Syrian lady posing looking in a camera

When it is the daytime, this is when you are actually helpless. The majority of Syrian women prefer to stay at home together with their husbands or family members. They almost never go outside alone. So, approaching a Syrian girl during the daytime is actually a challenge.

It is strongly recommended to wait until the night falls down. If you are in one of the above-mentioned cities, you are likely to find someone to hookup in Syria. Remember that this country still has some exceptions despite its all traditions. Try to use different hookup apps to chat Syrian ladies during the daytime. It may be useful for you when it gets darker.

Hooking up during the night

Charming Syrian woman wearing makeup posing for a photo

This is when you get more lucky because a lot of young Syrian girls try to change their living habits. Therefore, they occasionally go outside to visit some underground nightclubs and discos. They do it just to see the world through other people’s eyes.

Besides, they want to meet new friends and people in general. Of course, they do not mind having random hookups as all usual women do. This is when your chances of hooking up in Syria get most serious.

Places for hookups in Damascus

Since Damascus is probably the only safe place you can visit for hookups, it is advisable to stay there as long as you can. Besides, it is the capital of the country. It offers a wide choice of nightclubs and bars for you to find casual sex hookups in Syria quickly.

These are the place you should visit in Damascus:

  • Locanda Bar;
  • Martini Republic;
  • Artizan Lounge;
  • Marmar Lounge Bar;
  • Luberg Club.

All of them are quite cheap and easy to find. Foreigners are always welcomed in these places, as Syrian people do not often have a chance of chatting with a stranger.

STDs in Syria

It is difficult to catch any sexually transmitted diseases in Syria. Thanks to local people’s traditions, they rarely have sex with random strangers. However, if you happen to hookup a Syrian woman, make sure to wear protection anyway.

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