Colombian hookup girls: a guide to getting laid in Colombia

A couple of decades ago Colombia wasn’t considered as a tourist destination due to high levels of crime and drug related violence. Political and economic instability didn’t add to the charm of the country either. However, those things are in the past at the moment. Colombia is one of the safest and most interesting countries to visit in South America, with pretty hookup girls being one of the main attractions for an average American or European man.

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Hookup girls in Colombia – what are they like?

There are plenty of different kinds of girls in Colombia. Some of them are really great human beings and a wonderful wife material. They are family oriented, demoted, loving and caring. An average woman in Colombia is a great homemaker and cook. She also has a natural ability to deal with difficult situations. This means she will work through problems rather than run away from them.

Find Colombian girls for an instant hookup and getting laid

There are also mercenary and manipulative women who are only interested in your wallet. But why should you care about their personal qualities if you’re only interested in a casual hookup and having some fun? If a girl likes you, you’re bound to have fun – Colombian women are outgoing, cheerful, open minded and down to earth.

They are great at salsa and in bed. Of course, they can hang around with you for free meals and cocktails, as well as gifts and fun activities, but why should you bother if you’re not going to establish any long lasting connections?

Colombian women’s appearance

Girls in Colombia are some of the best-looking women in South America and perhaps in the whole world. Not only they are naturally gifted with proportional bodies and sweet faces, but they will do their best to enhance their attractiveness. They keep in shape and wear seductive outfits, and their looks are nothing short of astounding. Plastic surgeries are not uncommon in Colombia, too. Generally speaking, women spend a lot of time and money in order to look beautiful. They are also open to physical intimacy

How easy is it to have a casual hookup with a Colombian girl?

Having a casual hookup with a Colombian girl is fairly easy. They favour foreigners, and being extremely sensual and physically oriented, a Colombian girl doesn’t mind having a great fun with a pleasant and charming man from the USA, Europe, Australia or Canada.

If you get it right, you’ll be able to kiss a Colombian woman within half an hour after you initiated a conversation. Casual physical intimacy is very common in Colombia, so you have all the chances to succeed if you’re reasonably good-looking, generous and fun loving.

Tips on local hookups with Colombian women

There are certain things that are bound to make your hookup game more successful. Here are some of them:

Speak Some Spanish

If you don’t speak Spanish, you still have some good chances of having a quick and easy hookup in Colombia. But if you do, you’re bound to have twice as much fun. So before your trip to Colombia brush up your Spanish a bit, and if you’ve never learnt it before, use it as an opportunity to start.

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to master if you speak English, and it’s even easier if you speak one of the Romance languages. If nothing else, learn some of the popular pick up lines – girls in Colombia will reward you for your efforts. They often find someone speaking Spanish with a foreign accent very sexy.

Besides, don’t assume that people in Colombia will speak English like in the most touristic places of Mexico or Brazil. They won’t. So you’ll need some basic Spanish in any case if you’re planning to stay in Colombia for more than one week.

Use WatsApp

Generally speaking, they don’t ask a woman for her phone number – they ask for her WatsApp. This app is extremely popular in Colombia, and it’s actually more convenient than standard phone calls and sms. It’s faster and more convenient to send videos and pictures over WhatsApp, and you can be sure a girl will actually see them. Moreover, you can send voice messages – this is a great way of communicating with Colombian girls and establishing a very special connection with them.

Dress to kill

You need to look smart and stylish for a casual hookup with a Colombian girl, period. If you are careless about your clothes and it’s part of your identity and lifestyle, you’d better change your attitude while in Colombia. Local girls are absolutely repulsed by a sloppy look many foreigners seem to favour. But a couple of slick and stylish outfits, wear some pleasant perfumes, and make sure your shoes look presentable as well. Your chances to get laid with a local Colombian girl will skyrocket in no time!

Avoid certain subjects when talking to a local girl

Generally speaking, it’s considered unacceptable to talk about Pablo Escobar and drug relates topics with a local person. People are rather sensitive when it comes to these sort of things and may find it offensive and inconsiderate. Needless to say, hookup girls are not likely to get laid with you if you make them feel uncomfortable.

Make sure there are no strict restrictions in your hotel

Bringing a girl to your hotel room in Colombia is a bit complicated – sometimes it’s not allowed at all, sometimes they will want her ID proof. So make sure to ask the hotel staff about their regulations before you bring any girl to get laid with.

Colombian women for easy hookups with foreign men

Daytime game for instant hookups with Colombian women

Colombian girls can be easily found in daytime in the local supermarkets, storels, malls and markets. Like all the women around the globe, they like shopping. Keep this in mind when looking for some pretty hookup girls in Colombia.

You can approach them with a smart pick up line and start a conversation right away. It’s not recommended to go overly sexual when talking to Colombian girls, but flirting and jokes won’t be out of place. Alternatively, you can pretend you can’t find a certain product you can’t live without and ask them for help. After you get what you need, you can express your gratitude by inviting them for a cup of coffee or an ice-cream.

It’s also possible to find girls for a casual hookup in the local parks and gardens, cafes and bars, in public transport and on the streets. There are plenty of college and university students who would come back home from their lectures, or unemployed women who would spend their time outdoors. Working girls usually show up during their lunch break and after their workday is over.

Colombian Hookup culture at night time

Generally speaking, night game is friends and acquaintances oriented in Colombia. Girls go to nightclubs with groups of friends, both male and female. It’s not so easy to approach a girl under such circumstances, but you can try. Alternatively, go only for women who visit nighclubs on their own. Enjoy the Colombian music, dance bachata or salsa, order a good cocktail and observe the crowd.

Most probably you’ll be able to spot some pretty hookup girls to approach. In order to get laid with a local girl that very night, praise her beauty, admire the Colombian culture, joke and laugh a lot. A girl should see that you’re capable of having a good fun. And last but not least, make sure to pay for her. Generosity is the quality Colombian women appreciate the most in men.

An average women doesn’t earn much in Colombia, so you shouldn’t ever expect a woman to split the bill. Pay for her cocktails, dinner, coffees, taxis and so on. There is no way you won’t get laid with a girl if you are generous enough. At the same time, make sure to behave like a gentleman and don’t show off with your financial superiority.

Nightlife is vibrant and lively in Colombia, and you won’t have to deal with a shortage of paces to go. There are plenty of nightclubs and bars in every Colombian city. If you’re in Cartahena, check out Black Parrot Bar or Alquimico. In Santa Maria, some of the most popular places include Oh la la La Puerta and Crab’s Bar. In Medellin got for Trilogia Live Bar.

Talking to a girl is a bit complicated in a nightclub due to the loud music, so make sure you can impress her with your dancing instead. If you’re a lousy dancer, then stepping out of the club for a short conversation is strongly recommended.

Best cities to get laid in Colombia

Generally speaking, foreigners think of Bogota, Cali and Madellin when looking for hookup girls in Colombia.

  • Bogota is a wonderful city with a developed infrastructure, excellent weather and lots of quirky cafes and restaurants. Girls are open minded and advanced in Bogota, so you’ll enjoy your hookup game in the Colombian capital.
  • Madellin is frequently visited by tourists of all sorts, so the local girls get used to foreigners trying to get laid with them. They won’t be impressed with your foreign face and skin colour alone – you’ll have to come up with something really worthwhile. It makes things a bit complicated, but it still worth the efforts.
  • Cali is known as the salsa capital. This city offers a lot of opportunities to get laid with a local girl. Keep in mind though that this city is more Colombian (in the worst sense) than others, and you should avoid walking alone at night.

Apart from that, one can check out Santa Maria. Pereira, Cucuta, Cartagena and Baranquilla.

Online hookups in Colombia

Beautiful women in Colombia for real hookups with foreign men

Plenty of things are done online these days, and finding hookup girls in Colombia is no exception. Online dating is the best way to get laid in many Latin American countries. However, you should keep in mind that many Colombian girls are not likely to admit they are willing to have a hookup.

When you talk to them online and why they’ve joined a dating site, a great many of them reply they’re looking for friends. And this is not exactly what you’re looking for. Being overly sexual doesn’t work either – you’ll only scary girls off. A successful strategy involves flirting, personal charm and sense of humour. There are several sites and hookup apps you could use in Colombia in order to get laid. Here are some of them:

  • LatinAmericanCupid. With more than three million members, this site is extremely popular in the whole of Latin America. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you join this dating website. They have an intuitive interface and a huge database of women for a casual hookup in Mexico, Argentin, Cuba and Colombia, of course.
  • ColombianCupid. This site is focused solely on Colombian women, which is very convenient for someone visiting the county in searches of hookup girls. It has a very convenient and sophisticated search tool allowing you to look for girls in certain areas. The more criteria you specify, the more likely you are to find a hot Colombian girl willing to get laid with you that very night.
  • Tinder. Generally speaking, you can never go wrong with Tinder. The app is popular and widely used in Colombia, and you have all the chances to meet a beautiful Colombian girl for a casual hookup. Same can be said about Badoo, Happn, and Bumble.

What guys are likely to get laid with Colombian girls?

Hookup in Colombia makes this country one of the best destinations in terms of dating and getting laid with local women. Girls are open to flirting and having fun. That said, your luck depends on a number of factors. Colombian girls pay attention to the way you talk and behave. Also, looks are all important, as mentioned above.

Your general attitude matters a lot, too. If you don’t treat a Colombian woman with respect, she is not likely to have anything to do with you. Needless to say, you are expected to pay her bills. However, one can’t generalize when talking about Colombian women. What works with one girl may not as well work with another, so use your intuition and observe her behaviour and reactions to everything you say or do.

These were only some thoughts on how to meet hookup girls in Colombia. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience is unique and unmatched, and so will be yours.


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