Interracial hookup in Egypt: Hookup Egyptian women

Egypt is one of those countries that manages to remain a complete mystery for many foreigners. Of course, it directly influences its popularity when it comes to a hookup culture and its development. A lot of foreign males are simply sure that it is impossible to find hookups in Egypt.

Nonetheless, the severe traditions of this country tend to change nowadays. Certainly, the state religion, which is Islam, does not allow local Egyptian women encounter in random sexual relations. Therefore, those who want to break this rule are looking for some ways out.

For example, it is possible to find some underground brothels. However, you are not likely to spot them yourself. It often happens so that local men will show you the right way for some money in return. Although, this kind of sex is really risky and often expensive.

That is why you should rely on more traditional ways of getting laid in Egypt. Luckily, this country has been one of the most popular among tourists from around the world. Thanks to its ancient history, it manages to attract thousands of people annually. Keep reading in order to find out how to approach Egyptian women and where to meet them.

Does religion influence random hookups in Egypt?

Of course, the chance of getting acquainted with a woman who thinks like a Westerner is quite low. The majority of local girls, including even the young ones, follow Islamic laws. That is why you should be careful when you try to come up to an attractive Egyptian lady on the street. Her cute appearance may be actually deceiving.

In general, it is better not to hookup Egyptian women anywhere you wish since it against their laws. In fact, you can be fined or even jailed. Therefore, be careful when you decide to approach this or that pretty Egyptian lady.

Keep in mind that a lot of them do not even speak English. Some of them may not even understand what you want from them. Yes, it seems that hooking up in any country is easier than in Egypt. At first sight, it looks so but only at first.

The situation gets better when you get into a nightclub. There are a lot of them in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. In this case, you can feel free to approach any woman you see. You just need to make sure whether she is all alone there. Otherwise, you take a risk to get into trouble again.

Additionally, it is not accepted by Egyptian society to get acquainted with random girls on the streets. A lot of passers-by may think that you are trying to seduce a woman or something worse. So, try not to make anything suspicious in order to stay away from problems.

Serious Egyptian lady looking into her smartphone

What is the real Egyptian ladies’ attitude towards foreigners

Since Egypt is so popular among foreign tourists, local people are used to seeing faces from all around the world. The same concerns Egyptian women who easily get acquainted with men from abroad. In fact, some of them consider foreigners better than their local males.

The only problem that occurs quite often is that Egyptian girls do not speak English too well. However, this happens rarely when you meet young ladies. Besides, some Egyptian women try to find foreign friends themselves.

Of course, it is easy to guess that your friendship may evolve into potential romantic relationships. If you are planning to stay in Egypt for long enough, you will get laid guaranteed there. You just need to learn how their society works in order to get what you want.

In addition to that, a lot of young Egyptian females aged 20-35 enjoy everything connected with an interracial hookup. It happens because of westernization and the development of sex tourism. Moreover, the prices there are cheap and some girls are ready to sell themselves to foreign men for real.

Biggest cities to hookup in Egypt

The entire population in Egypt is more than 100 million people. Therefore, there are more than enough huge metropolises. Every foreigner looking for a casual hookup will find what he wants to see. Down below you will find the information about the three biggest cities in Egypt.

Cairo is the capital city with the population about 9,5 million people. It is famous for its ancient museums, tombs, and the Nile River. It is one of the most ancient cities on our planet.

Thousands of foreigners visit it every year just to see what they have seen in their history schoolbooks. Since it is the largest city, it is full of nightclubs, discos, and bars to hookup Egyptian women there. In general, you will definitely find hundreds of beautiful Egyptian ladies in Cairo since their religious prejudices are not so noticeable.

Alexandria is the second-largest port city located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is obvious that the most popular places there are beaches. Besides, many tourists visit local ancient cafés and bars. The atmosphere there is a bit quieter since the population is only about 5,2 million people. Moreover, this city is famous for its Alexandrian Library and lighthouse.

The third-largest city is Giza, which is located right near Cairo. It is famous for its Giza pyramid complex. Besides, the Great Sphinx is another popular place of interest there. In other words, the historic area of the city is amazing. However, foreigners looking for instant hookups will be happy to find themselves in local nightclubs.

All the above-mentioned cities are worth visiting equally. Any of them is perfect for tourism in its direct sense of the word. Although, you will be able to find the best nightclubs that are open until the very morning.

The view of Cairo during the sunrise near the Nile River

Where to spend a night to get laid in Cairo

Let us take Cairo, the capital city, as an example of the exciting nightlife. It is worth mentioning that local nightclubs are not like in the West. They are more specific in terms of music and alcohol. Officially, it is forbidden to buy and drink alcohol. However, people still do it, especially in nightclubs where no one can control them.

Here is the list of the best nightclubs to hookup in Cairo:

  • Shahrazad Cairo;
  • The Tap;
  • Zigzag;
  • The Garden;
  • Pub 28.

All of these places are open to foreigners as well. Certainly, it would be your advantage if you know some basic Arabic phrases. Nonetheless, no one expects it from a foreigner from the West. It is more important to behave properly to avoid unnecessary problems.

Surely, you will be able to find decent nightclubs in other major Egyptian cities but Cairo is the best example anyway. Besides, the majority of local girls are used to seeing foreign men around. That is why they tend to have random hookups more often.

Meeting Egyptian women through hookup apps during the daytime

The true fact is that not every foreigner can withstand the heat during the mid-day in Egypt. That is why it is advisable to stay in your hotel waiting before the night falls down. In fact, this what even locals do quite often because they cannot stay outside for too long.

In this case, you should use online hookup apps to find Egyptian women to get laid with. This method of meeting sexual partners is widely-spread in Egypt. It happens because no one can control what you write to each other. Moreover, Egyptian girls feel less stressed since they cannot see you face-to-face.

It is a perfect way out to combine two useful things at the same time. You do not get bored while sitting inside your hotel room. Besides, you are looking for a pretty Egyptian woman for a hookup in the evening. Once you meet her, it will be easier to find common ground because you have already got acquainted with each other.

Another advantage is that hookups apps are mainly popular among young Egyptian girls. They do not have problems understanding English. That is why it will not take too much time to see if this or that particular lady is ready to continue the evening with you.

Smiling Egyptian woman with a cup of coffee

What do Egyptian girls appreciate when chatting online?

It is important to be confident but, at the same time, stay distant. Egyptian women do not tolerate it when males push too hard. It is impossible for them to be under the pressure. That is why try to be gentle and watch her reaction to change your behavior accordingly.

A lot of Egyptian ladies will tell you directly whether you can hope for something more than romantic text messages. They understand what foreigners are looking for during their holidays. Some young Egyptian girls are ready to have instant hookups just because they want it even more than you do.

If you see that she is ready to spend a night with you, do not hurry up since everything can change. If you have managed to persuade a Egyptian lady to have sex with you using a hookup app, she may change her mind when she meets you in reality.

Catching STDs in Egypt

Luckily, the chance of meeting a lady with HIV or anything like that is pretty low in Egypt. Maybe it is connected with Islam because local people are not really into a hookup culture. Some Egyptian women actually make an exception when they have random sex with foreign males.

They understand what risk they take but they still do it to have an experience. However, make sure to use additional protection every time you get laid in Egypt. It is necessary to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, using a condom prevents a girl from getting pregnant.

Final hookup tips

In general, Egypt is not the most common place for hookups. Nonetheless, it is popular among foreigners for its cultural and historic past. Therefore, sex tourism and interracial hookup are getting more and more popular in this country.

This process is actually inevitable since Egyptian people see how the rest of the world lives. They try to change their old religious laws. A lot of young Egyptian girls live their lives following Western trends. That is why it becomes easier to hookup in Egypt as time passes by.


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