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France is one of those places where it is extremely easy to get free local hookups, but the problem is that you are likely to get if from women coming from other countries. You see, it will be difficult to get laid with a French lady who was born there.

This is connected with the fact that these females are really conservative they are not into foreign males at all. Besides, they are afraid of catching any diseases, especially if you come from a poor country.

Yes, in comparison with France, a lot of other places can look extremely poor and this is what makes local women spoiled and naughty. In their eyes, you simply have nothing to offer them and that is why they are not even interested in you.

The only chance when you can hope for a hookup in France is during nighttime because a lot of young and attractive French girls are going out to party with their friends in different nightclubs or bars. This is your biggest chance of getting laid with a French lady if you actually wish so.

Nonetheless, you should wait for a miracle to happen since you also need to play your cards well enough to attract her attention, letting alone what it is going to worth if you wish to hook up with a local girl.

So, make sure that you know what you want to get from her because exquisite and gallant French women prefer strong and persistent ones. You should speak openly and confidently to let her know what you are waiting from her. This is the most basic rule to follow, first of all.

Do not compare local hookups with any from others countries

The combination of femininity and being spoiled is what makes French women hard to get. In fact, they are not interested in one-night stands at all since they have enough male attention around them, and they do not get too excited just because of the fact that you are a foreigner.

In addition to that, the majority of French ladies, including young ones as well, do not really speak English or do it with a strong accent so that you cannot really understand what they are saying. It makes it even more difficult to communicate with them.

If a French woman sees that you are a foreigner who speaks English only, she is likely to walk away immediately because she does not want to face any additional problems trying to communicate with your using all the possible gestures.

You can understand that at that point because not being able to understand each other is not something that makes you think of a random hookup behind the corner of a building. Therefore, it would be nice if you speak a few words of French or at least try to do it.

Sex tourism in France is something you have never seen before in any other country because local females are actually hard to get and their cultural features only prevent you from doing it. This may take you a week or even more to get acquainted with a beautiful French lady who will not run away from you after finding out that you are a foreigner.

Curvy sexy French girl walking during a sunny day in a beautiful city of Paris

Using hookup apps can partly solve your problem

If you arrived in France a week ago and you still did not meet a woman to get laid with, it is the best moment to try to use local hookup apps because they actually give you a chance of getting acquainted with the hottest French females.

Of course, the urgent problem of speaking two different languages is also present here but French ladies who are using these app, they realize that they can encounter a foreigner there. That is why they are going to try to understand you at least.

This is something you do not usually see while trying to talk with French girls on the street. Besides, you have nothing to hope for during daytime and you should use local hookup apps to find a woman you can hang out in the evening.

In addition, you are going to see how difficult it actually is to meet a decent French lady. After that, you will have a chance to practice your communication skills via the Internet in order not to look too silly when you approach a girl in a nightclub or disco.

Although, one of the biggest problems with all these online apps is that French females are easy to get distracted. So, even if you have managed to start chatting with an attractive girl, you should be careful that she may switch her attention on another male.

It often happens because you simply cannot keep her attention on you and a better man gets it instead. You should not blame yourself because it does not happen too often when you look for a real hookup talking to woman face-to-face.

Free local hookups can be more expensive than you expect

Another popular situation that may get on your nerves is when a French woman agrees to spend an evening with you and you are already sure that you are going to get laid tonight, but suddenly everything goes as you have not planned at all. What should you do about it then?

A lot of French women enjoy going on dates with foreigners and then, simply go home without giving a desired sex to a man who deserves it for sure. This is when you nerves kick in completely because France is an expensive country after all and you cannot afford such dates on a daily basis.

Elegant serious French girls wearing stunning earrings posing for the camera sitting still

Therefore, you should be sure that this particular French lady is going to get laid with you; otherwise, all your efforts are nothing more than a huge waste of money. After that, you are going to be disappointed in local girls just because it is a part of their nature.

They really love to spend romantic evenings together with men but no one guarantees you that all the hookup tips will help you for sure. You should be careful in order to distinguish if a girl is going to use you or she really wants to spend a night together with you.

Drunk hookup is one of the ways for you

Luckily, a lot of French ladies have one common weakness since they all enjoy drinking red wine, especially during a romantic evening with a man. This means that you should simply arrange a so-called date with an actual intention to get laid with a French woman as soon as possible.

You need to arrange the entire setting as if you simply want to have a good time with her without any following hookup because French girls love to think that everything is under their control. Certainly, they prefer dominant men but you should not show your strength that openly.

This is another point where you understand that French females are like nobody else in the world. For example, you would never see such a thing in Eastern European countries. If you want to know how to hook up with a Belarusian lady, for instance, you should read about it and compare women’s behavior.

However, you will never forget free local hookups in France once you manage to sleep with a drunk French girl. Surely, she should not unconscious or anything but you should pour her enough wine to seduce her easily. You can be sure that she is not going to resist you. That is why you should not lose your last hope before you try this way of hooking up in France.

A few tips on having a hookup with local girls

You have definitely heard that this country is one of the safest ones in the entire world, but you should still have additional protection as always. According to the statistics, the number of French people with HIV increases by 7000 every year.

It makes it clear that there is a good chance of meeting a French lady who has some sexually transmitted diseases even though some of them are not really dangerous. Therefore, you should not forget about having a pack of condoms in your pocket every time you go to a nightclub or disco.

Moreover, the biggest part of young French girls will ask you to wear it anyway because they are afraid of getting pregnant from a man they do not even know. Besides, they are quite stubborn and you will have to waste a lot of time trying to prove to them that you are clean as well.

So, if you do not want to spoil your expected free local hookups with French ladies, you should definitely have extra protection so that to make her feel safer during sex. It is always difficult to get laid with a French woman and you can make it even worse if you simply forget this small but, at the same time, important detail.


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