Filipino women: how to initiate a hookup?

From all countries in Asia, it’s hard to find a country as popular as the Philippines where hookups with local girls are concern. Filipino women are as attractive as Thai girls, and men from all over the globe flock to the Philippines in order to get laid with hot beauties. If you wonder how to initiate a hookup with a Filipino woman, there are several wining strategies you can implement.

Get laid with pretty Filipino women when visiting the Philippines

What are Filipino girls like?

Simply put, girls in the Philippines are rather attractive. They are far from the European or American standards of beauty, but nevertheless they possess that special Asian charm that is so hard to resist. No wonder Filipino women are so popular among men from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Some of them come to the Philippines interested in a casual hookup but end up having a long lasting relationship with a local girl and even marrying her in the end.

An average Filipino girl has a slim body, pretty face with typical Asian features, thin waist, beautiful arms and legs, black hair and dark eyes. The majority of women in the Philippines are devoted Christians, and are usually shy and reserved in public. At the same time, they are fun loving, friendly and cheerful.

They are also rather easy to approach, especially if there are not so many people around. A typical Filipino girl boasts a strong sexual aspect that is deep under the surface, so there is always a potential of having a great fun in the Philippines. Generally speaking, there is very little chance you won’t get laid in this country. Strict cultural norms and religion hardly gets in the way of a woman’s love life.

The girls in the Philippines are very well mannered. You will hardly see any of them speaking rudely or making a big scene. They are also rather optimistic, and it’s almost impossible to erase a cheerful smile off their faces even when life gets really tough.

Best dating sites for an online hookup with Filipino women

If you’re wondering how to initiate a hookup with a Filipino girl, one of the most efficient ways of picking up Filipino women is meeting them on popular online dating sites. Dating apps are growing increasingly popular worldwide, and this part of Asian continent is no exception. A lot of Filipino women get registered on popular dating platforms in order to find a foreign partner.

No longer have you had to hang around in nightclub hoping to have an instant hookup with one of the girls. There is also no need approaching random women on the streets or in shopping malls – with a sartphone or laptop and internet connection, you can arrange an instant hookup with a Filipino girl from the comfort of your home.

Advantages of hooking up online

First of all, Filipino girls are much more relaxed online than in real life. When you meet them face to face, they might be shy and reserved – after all, there is no hookup culture as such in a conservative country like The Philippines. However, girls tend to open up on dating websites where no one watching them. Here you can get a chance of finding out what they really think and what their intentions are.

Most Filipino girls speak excellent English compared to their counterparts in other Asian countries, so chatting to them online is a pleasure. If you are in your home country, you could say you’re planning a trip to her home land soon and would like someone to show you around. If you’re already in The Philippines, just ask her out after a mew messages.

Apart from that, most dating apps offer free basic services, so you won’t have to pay a cent when meeting Filipino girls for a casual hookup. By joining one of these sites, you’re improving your chances of getting laid with a Filipino girl like anything. Creating your profile, uploading your picture and contacting women is absolutely free. You’ll have to pay for membership only if you’re interested in additional features.

Most popular dating apps boast a large database of Filipino women’s profiles. Here you’ll have a great choice of girls who are definitely interested in meeting a foreigner. Which means, you won’t waste your precious time one those who are not interested. Once you start using a dating app, you won’t question yourself how to initiate a hookup with Filipino women anymore.

Most popular apps


FilipinoCupid is by far the largest dating website in the country with over two million of beautiful local girls looking for partners abroad and within The Philippines. The best part about this site is that there are an abundance of pretty women willing to talk to you at any moment. Basic services are free on this website, so you can chat with gorgeous hotties right away.


This dating website comprises girls’ profiles form all over Asia. If you’re planning to visit many countries rather than focus on the Philippines alone oyu may want to join this site for convenience and versatility of use. There are plenty women’s profiles from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and so on.


This is one of the newest dating profiles, but it’s popularity is growing rapidly thanks to intuitive interface and ease of use. One thing to keep in mind when using this app is that it’s allowed to send only one message every ten minutes. If you’d like these restrictions to be lifted, you’re expected to go for paid membership, otherwise all the services are free.

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Hookup culture in the Philippines: talking to Filipino women on public

When looking along the streets of the Philippines, you may notice lots of women giving you friendly looks. There are less foreigners here than in some other Asian countries, and you kind of stand out of the crowd. Women are curious about you, and it gives you an advantage compared to your Filipino counterparts.

If you’re wondering how to initiate a hookup with a Filipino woman, the answer is simple – head to the nearest shopping mall. Firstly, shopping centres are usually air-conditioned, so you won’t have to sweat when hooking up women. Secondly, Filipino girls are not in a hurry when shopping – usually they visit malls when they have plenty of time. You can actually chat with them for a significant period of time.

Make sure you are the first to approach them, otherwise you’ll have to wait for the whole eternity. Filipino girls won’t initiate a conversation, even though they give you looks and smile at you. Approaching men is against their culture and social programming. There are certain rules they follow in public, so you’d better give preferences to less crowded places when picking up Filipino girls. Otherwise they will find it difficult to open up.

If you’re going to pay girl a compliment or approach her with a pick up line, make sure it’s not overly sexual, otherwise you will make her feel uncomfortable. It’s better to think of something neutral but flattering.

Learn how to initiate a hookup with a pretty Filipino girl

A casual hookup in bars and clubs

Young girls in the Philippines like to go out, dance and party with friends. Nightlife in the country is rather vibrant and lively, and you can find plenty of disco clubs and bars in every city and even smaller towns. By the way, such cities in the Philippines as El Nido, Coron and Angeles City are some of the top Asian cities to hook up. So in you wonder how to initiate a hookup at night time, all you need to do is go to the nearest nighclub or bar, order a nice exotic cocktail or a bottle of beer and wait. The chances are you’ll get a lot of attention from Filipino women, so you only need to smile back to start with.

By the way, it’s strongly recommended to pay attention to your appearance if you hope to get laid with a Filipina girl. The majority of foreigners don’t bother about their looks, thinking that local women will find them sexy and attractive anyway. But in reality, it’s not so. Girls may be curious about you, but they won’t be interested in a casual hookup with you if you’re dressed like a slob.

You don’t even take too much effort, just make sure it’s not shorts, flowery shirt and flip-flops. A reasonable casual outfit will do. A good shave, hair style and a couple of drops of cologne will help you stand out of the crowd of regular tourists, too.

One thing to remember, if you pick a Filipino girl is a nighclub, she’ll expect you to pay her after getting laid even if she’s not a hooker. It’s just how it’s done here. She may ask her directly about the money when you invite her to your hotel room, or start complaining about miscellaneous problems afterwards. So as you can see, there is very little difference between a sex worker and a girl who likes to have some fun.

Meet Filipino women for a casual hookup and fun time

How to maximize your chances of instant hookups

There are several things you can do in order to maximize your chances of getting laid with a Filipino women. There is nothing extraordinary about them – it’s mostly common sense. Here are some of them:

External looks are all important

As mentioned above, you should be smartly dressed when picking up women in the Philippines. But that’s not all. Make sure you take a shower just before going out – Filipino girls don’t like smelly men. Perhaps in your county it could be consider an expression of male brutality, but Asian women don’t care for this sort of things. Having fresh breath is all important, too.

You need your own private place

When visiting the Philippines, make sure you have your own private hotel room or apartment. You need your own place to bring girls to. It won’t do if you live in a hostel. And it won’t be wise to hope that a Filipino woman will take you to her place. The cost of living is high for an average girl in the Philippines, and she usually stays with her parents and siblings until getting married.

If you wonder how to initiate a hookup with a Filipino woman, start with renting a nice comfy apartment or a hotel room. Needless to say, if you travel to the Philippines for the sake of beautiful beaches and cultural heritage, a bunk bed in a backpackers’ hostel will do. But if you intend to hookup with local girls, having a private place to bring them to is a must.

Buy the local sim card

Filipino women use WhatsApp a lot, so you can do the same. But if you’d like to talk to them by phone and text them, it’s highly recommended to buy a Globe sim card. Globe is the most popular mobie phone network in this country, and you will never go wrong with it.

Don’t be too cheap

When you ask yourself how to initiate a hookup with a Filipino girl, don’t fool yourself expecting it’s absolutely free. You don’t need lots of money in order to get laid with a woman in the Philippines, but you still need a certain amount to spend.

Perhaps you’ll want to make a present to a girl you like, or pay for her dinner and nightclub pass. If you talk to Filipino women online, they may ask you to pay for their taxi in order to visit you. And so on. There is nothing wrong with spending some money if you expect to have a good time.

Behave like a gentleman

Needless to say, a gentleman-like behaviour is appreciated by women all around the world Filipino women are no exception. If you want to have a quick easy hookup, leave your wild macho and alpha attitude at home. These girls like a man who is purposeful and decisive, but an aggressive sexual approach would scare them off. And this is something you’re absolutely not interested in.

Hopefully this article has provided some answers if you’re wondering how to initiate a hookup with Filipino women. Best of luck!


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